My easy Halloween DIY will give all the trick or treating kids a scare – dish soap is the special ingredient | The Sun

A DIY-SAVVY content creator has revealed how they made a very creepy decoration to shock kids this Halloween. 

They used budget supplies to make the spooky candy stand which can also be used when hosting a party.

Luna Flores (@louflores_) has racked up over 3.5 million followers on TikTok with impressive makeup transformations.

The content creator took to the social media platform to reveal their latest craft after picking up supplies from their local Dollar Tree.

They bought a web-shaped treat bowl, black PVC electrical tape, a pack of ping pong eyeballs, an LED push light, an LED shadow projector, a clear vase, two black plates, and dish detergent. 

Luna stuck pieces of torn cotton to the back of each eyeball after emptying the pack into a bowl.

The eyeballs were then glued artistically throughout the inside of the vase.

The TikToker turned the web-shaped treat bowl upside down and glued a plate on top before attaching the vase. 

Next, they poured the red color dish detergent inside the vase for a bloody look.

They then stuck the LED push light to the bottom of the remaining plate that was bought and put it on top of the vase like a lid.

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The process was repeated to make the candy stand two tiers, before topping with the projector which displayed colorful ghosts.

Luna said: “I made this candy stand for trick or treaters, what do you guys think? 

“Do you want to see more Halloween ideas?”

The Halloween decoration quickly went viral with over 1.5 million views and 129,000 likes.

Many commenters were impressed by how affordable the hack was and asked for other ideas.

One person wrote: “I love your creativity thank you for sharing it with us, can’t wait for more Halloween ideas.”

Another commented: “I literally went and binge-watched all of your videos, oh my you’re so talented and you look so beautiful doing it all.”

A third chimed in: “I love that everything used was from the Dollar Store.”

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A fourth said: “Omg I need more. I cannot afford real decorations for my kids and I have a Dollar Tree by my house, please do more.”

Another added: “I’m not even a Halloween person but I like this!”

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