Myprotein is launching Swizzels flavour protein – Refreshers, Love Hearts, Drumstick and Parma Violet flavours

Myprotein is launching five new Swizzles flavoured products: get ready for guilt-free Refreshers, Love Hearts, Drumstick and Parma Violet flavours.

The flavoured protein will be available from Sunday, but you can sign up to get early access.

Myprotein is celebrating its 16th birthday by giving shoppers the new and exciting flavours from its latest collaboration.

Remember the Swizzels tastes from your childhood? Well 'Refreshers', 'Love Hearts', 'Drumstick' and 'Parma Violet' can now be enjoyed guilt-free as adults.

They taste exactly as the names suggests, and it's great for those who are getting tired of the same protein taste.

The new range is made with Myprotein’s best-selling clear whey isolate protein.

It will be available from this Sunday (May 24) on the official Myprotein website, but you can sign up here for early access.

  • Sign up for early access to Myprotein's Swizzles range here

In addition to new protein flavours, you'll find a brand new Drumstick flavour layered bar.

  • Sign up for early access to Myprotein's Swizzles range here

Each bar contains 20g of protein with only 3g of sugar, making it a workout-boosting but nostalgia-inducing snack.

If you want to get yours, or any of the new protein flavours, we'd suggest signing up for early access as the entire Swizzels range will be limited edition.

That means they may sell out quickly as they'll only be available while stocks lasts.

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