nana-nana Equips First-Ever Tote Bags With Everyday Graphics

After creating a buzz around collaborations such as the “AKIRA ART WALL PROJECT” bags and its work with NSS Magazine, rising label nana-nana has announced that a new line of tote bags is set to drop soon.

Unlike its now-iconic PVC bags that come in a variety of bold neon hues, the label’s tote bags are much more subtle and are made from 100 percent cotton. Base colors include a traditional cream cotton, as well as black, gray, a reddish-brown, and light brown.

Adorning the tote bags are the phrases “PAPER”, “TELEPHONE”, “TRASH BOX”, “ROOM” and “NOT MAISON.” Each slogan corresponds to a different design, for example, “PAPER” offers a tote that sports a graphic of paper measurements of A7, A6, A5, and A4, while “ROOM” features a print of two chairs on the front of the bag.

All five styles of tote bags will drop in three sizes ranging from small to medium and large. They also come with a small “A7”-branded hangtag, and sport fabric handles that can be swapped for nana-nana’s signature PVC straps.

nana-nana’s tote bags are releasing on August 22 on the nana-nana website. Small bags will retail for approximately $66 USD, medium for $85 USD, and large for $113 USD excluding tax.

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