Nordstrom Suspends Orders and Postpones Its Anniversary Sale amid the Pandemic

Another big name in fashion is taking drastic steps to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Yesterday, luxury department chain store Nordstrom announced that it is suspending merchandise orders and postponing its Anniversary Sale from July to August.

“Similar to the April/May approach, the company has decided to suspend all full price orders for June/July,” the company said in a letter to vendors, according to WWD. (Full-price orders affect Nordstrom’s department stores, while Nordstrom Rack operations are under different merchandise orders, according to the outlet.)

Nordstrom continued, “We are reevaluating our needs for the event. Given the high promotional event during June and July, we know there will be less pent-up customer demand for Anniversary Sale and have planned that event down by roughly 50 percent. Only our absolutely best items at compelling prices will be part of the offer and a disproportionate amount of the funding will go to categories that have outperformed the average during COVID … home, cozy, beauty/self care, etc. This will certainly impact our original offer so we will discuss our proposed ideas on call.”

A specific date in August for the Anniversary Sale has yet to be announced.

The postponement comes after the retailer closed its department stores in mid-March, following a wave of other business closures and event cancellations amid the pandemic.

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