Palm Angels Opens First U.S. Location in Miami

Palm Angels has touched down in Miami for the opening of its first U.S. stand-alone store in the city’s Design District.

The store at 173 NE 40th Street, designed by Milan-based creative agency April in partnership with Palm Angels founder and creative director Francesco Ragazzi, takes cues from swimming pools with pool-themed window fixtures and curved edges with mosaic cladding, as well as a counter covered with ceramic tiles and a warning sign that says “No Diving.”

According to the brand, the furniture and displays are mobile so they can be rearranged for events such as live performances, exhibitions and talks.

“Miami has always been one of my favorite places and to find an opportunity there was a major goal of mine, especially in the Design District area,” said Ragazzi.

Palm Angels operates retail locations in Wuhan at K11 Mall, at Forte dei Marmi in the Province of Lucca, at Macau Galaxy in China, at Central Embassy in Bangkok, in Hong Kong at Causeway Bay, and Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing. Without offering specifics, Ragazzi said the brand is planning to open more stores in the U.S. and in Europe, and added that Asia “continues to be a very important market for our business as well.”

“Business is in continuous double-digit growth,” he added. “2020 was an occasion for us to strengthen our digital business and brand presence.”

This year, Palm Angels released its first eyewear collection produced in-house by its parent company New Guards Group, and teamed with Missoni on a co-branded collection. The brand is also launching a kids collection at Browns and dropped collections with Chinese pop star Jackson Wang and electric vehicle brand Mate.

“For the future we have very important goals,” Ragazzi said. “During 2020 we had the time to plan and now in 2021 we are executing the big plans we had sketched.”

Inside the Palm Angels Miami store. Jordan Braun

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