Parents are transforming their old trampolines into comfy summer dens – and they look amazing

IF YOUR kids haven't used their trampoline in years, you may be planning to take it to the dump as soon as lockdown's over.

But parents are being advised not to throw them away – and transform it into a comfy garden den instead.

Posting on Facebook, one DIY fan said: "Don't throw away your old trampoline, it can always serve – beautiful space for this summer".

All you need is some old curtains and fairy lights to attach to the top railing, and cushions and throws to make a stylish den.

It's the perfect space for a kids' sleepover – or seating area for Mum and Dad to have a glass of wine on a warm summer's evening.

One clever chap even turned the trampoline upside down, then attached fairy lights to the 'roof', so his girls could dance underneath it.

Parents immediately went wild for the idea, which racked up more than 8,300 comments and 1,500 shares.

Tagging their friends and partners in the post, they said: "project for u", "if you get bored in the lockdown" and "look what you could make".

One mum described it as the "best den ever", while another said "what a great idea".

And a third raved: "look at this good idea for the kids when weather picks up again new camp hideout for a night if this lockdown continues".

In more transformation news, a woman who lusted over a £240 make-up mirror made her own version for just £12.

While a mum used old Domino's pizza boxes to create stunning wicker letters for her kids' bedroom doors.

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