People are using their kids’ paddling pools as a place to strip wash their rugs

PEOPLE have been finding creative uses for their paddling pools and using them to clean their dirty rugs and clothes. 

While some homeowners opt to strip wash their items in the bath, others prefer their paddling pool due to the size. 

One mum posted a photo of her rugs soaking in her kids’ inflatable pool on Facebook. 

Taking to the group FAMILY LOCKDOWN TIPS & IDEAS, she wrote: “Got annoyed with my white shaggy rug and how dirty it was. 

“Pumped up the kids paddling pool, cold water, beat the rug, then threw in 2 bold pods in with the rug and walked around on it. 

“This was 5 mins of walking on one side, going to let sit for 30 – hr then walk on it again. Dry on the washing line.”

She added that immediately after she removed it from the pool, she gave it a blast with a hose pipe and scraped off excess water with a plank of wood. 

Many people were highly impressed with her idea, with one saying: “What a good idea!”

Another added: “Wow well done you, it was a good exercise for you and now you can enjoy your clean rug.”

However, one person who had previously tried the same idea didn’t have much luck. 

They explained: “I did the same with mine but I couldnt dry it. It was too heavy for the line, started to warp the wood on my garden bench. 

“I ended up chucking it out coz it smelt so bad.”

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