People thought I was mad for wanting a BATH built into my decking, but my kids LOVE it – it's a paddling pool & storage | The Sun

A SAVVY MUM has revealed a unique addition to her garden that'll stop her dragging out the paddling pool all summer long – and people are labeling her idea ‘genius’. 

Leanne Allman took to TikTok to share a glimpse at the BATH she had installed into her decking to act as a pool for her two small children. 

She also suggested that it can be used as extra storage in the winter, or can be covered when they need more outdoor space. 

Leanne said: “When people thought I was crazy for wanting a bath built into my decking. 

“Three years now and the kids still love it. We use it for storage during the winter as it has a lid.”

During the 35-second reel, Leanne shared a glimpse at her makeshift paddling pool. 


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On the right-hand side of her patio is a white porcelain bath, sunk into the decking. 

It’s filled partway with water while her two kids sit inside, wearing swimming costumes and playing with inflatable toys. 

Below the video, she added: "To be honest I was not sure how it was going to work out so didn’t want to be too ambitious.

"Already talked about a corner one next."

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She continued: "I started small as had to think how we would fit/lift the lid off. Use as storage through winter mths."

Her unique garden addition attracted more than 3,500 likes and 207,900 views. 

Known online as @leanneallman8, the 40-year-old mum regularly shares her parenting tips and tricks with her 350 followers. 

In the comments, TikTokkers shared their reactions, with one writing: “I’m sorry what!! That is actually genius.”

“Would of loved to have done this when my babies were small… nowadays, iv a got huge one cause I've got teenagers. Bet your kids love it.. well done u,” commented another. 

A third suggested: “I’d be filling it up with ice and drinks when the kids aren’t using it too.”

Someone else put: “Amazing idea and lovely memories for the kids.”

Although not all were convinced by the idea, with another adding: “Not exactly scalable. In a year they’ll be too big have to rip it up and install a proper swimming pool.”

“Working class goals,” shared another.

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