Pregnant Millie Radford breaks down in tears after mum-of-22 Sue gives her surprise baby delivery

PREGNANT Millie Radford broke down in tears when mum-of-22 Sue gave her a surprise delivery yesterday.

The 18-year-old, who is 29 weeks pregnant with her first daughter Ophelia, was gobsmacked when mum Sue and dad Noel presented her with the baby essentials this weekend.

The Radfords, who are Britain's biggest family, showed the unboxing on their YouTube channel – in a video called "Millie's surprise brings tears".

In the clip, the parents can be seen sneaking around and grabbing the delivery from baby company Egg Stroller, which they hid in baker Noel's car.

Surrounded by their huge brood, they then presented daughter Millie with a blue changing bag, grey pram and matching grey carry cot – which she unboxed on camera.

With such a busy house, it's hard to keep secrets and the thoughtful surprise made Millie break down in tears – after asking "What is that? Is it mine?"

The carry cots cost upwards of £199, while the pram is around £819 and the changing bag £149.

In the video, mum Sue hugged and kissed Millie, saying: "Don't cry. I hope you like it. Do you want to open it?"

As Noel, Sue and Millie gushed over the colour of the products, Sue admitted: "Millie you have no idea how much we've been sneaking around the house trying to keep this from you."

Millie replied: "I was literally going to go shopping this weekend. I did think 'why are you all following each other?'"

Looking as the main product, Sue said: "It's lovely isn't it? Little Ophelia's pram."

Noel quipped: "Millie's new set of wheels", before humming "they see me rolling" from Chamillionaire's song Ridin'.

When the pram was fully built, Sue asked Millie: "Do you like it?" and she replied: "I love it".

In the clip, Millie can also be seen lovingly rocking her baby sister Heidie, Sue's 22nd child, who was born on April 3.

The video went down a storm on YouTube, where it racked up 100,000 hits in around 12 hours.

Commenting on the clip, one fan admitted: "This made me shed a tear. I love how grateful Mills is and this is such a loving thing to do.

"She’ll be an amazing mummy as she’s learnt from the best. The pram colour is lush and so something that I would go for!!!! Xx".

While a second said: "sue your children are so humble and and to see millie cry I had a lump in my throat that colour is gorgeous cant wait to meet the newest member of the radford family".

And a third commented: "Set me off crying when Millie cried. It’s a gorgeous pram, pleased she liked it."

Millie recently showed off her 4D baby scan, and her daughter's already sticking her middle finger up.

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