PrettyLittleThing launches hoodie with built-in face mask

Attention, all those who keep realising they’ve forgotten their face mask once they’re already halfway to the supermarket.

This particular clothing item is made with you in mind.

From the same people who brought you the face mask dress, there’s now a hoodie with a mask built in, so there’s no chance of forgetting to cover up.

PrettyLittleThing is selling the hoodie for £20 – but it’s currently slashed to £16 – in two colours: grey or black.

Each hoodie has an oversized fit and a plain, simple design with a big pocket on the front.

Basically, it’s just like any other hoodie, except it has a black face mask attached.

It’s worth noting that the grey hoodie has a black mask, as well, rather than a matching one.

Also important to consider: you’re supposed to wash your face mask after every use, so while this hoodie might protect you from misplacing your face covering, it brings up a new issue.

To make sure your face mask is protecting you properly, you’d really need to wash the entire hoodie after every wear.

That’s quite a bit of effort, unless you have a hoodie for every day of the week.

Our recommendation? Just get yourself some face masks and start hanging them on your door so you get into the habit of grabbing a clean one on your way out of the house.

Get yourself a new hoodie if you’re feeling the chill (it is pretty cold outside), and feel free to get one with a mask attached if you’re willing to do regular washes, but your best bet for coordination is likely just getting a load of masks that go with your coat.

And make sure you wash them properly, please.

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