PrettyLittleThing shopper shocked when 'fat b*****d' sizes appear on website search

A PRETTYLITTLETHING customer was left horrified after plus size clothing appeared on the site after a search for the phrase “fat b****** size”. 

Twitter user Nic, 34, from Scotland, shared a screenshot of the eye-raising results on the online retailer website. 

She had been frustrated at trying to find bigger sizes on the site, but was shocked when the search resulted in plus size dresses, tops and trousers being recommended.  

Nic told Femail that she hadn’t expected any items to show up as options for the vulgar term. 

She explained: “I was searching for bigger sizes and there wasn't much so I continued to look and got what can be seen in the screenshot.

“I didn't think anything would come up in the search as it was only searched as I couldn't find anything in my size that I liked. 

“It's different seeing an item of clothing appear in a search if there is a specific word in the title of the product but none of the words searched were on any items.”

On her screenshot on Twitter, she wrote: “Never thought this would be a size option on @OfficialPLT #lockdowndiet.”

A spokesperson for PrettyLittleThing told Fabulous: “We are aware of the current search terms issue on the website which are affecting a number of online sites including ours, and are working quickly to rectify this.”

They added that the website identifies the closest search term to what is inputted.

The site also found the same issue with Missguided, but a spokesperson said the word “size” had generated the result.  

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