Professional cleaners reveal the right way to spring clean your house & why you need to start upstairs and on the left

NOW the weather is warming up it’s time to spring clean your house – but there’s a particular order you should scrub it in. 

Rather than starting with the dirtiest areas first – or the cleanest ones -professional cleaners have revealed you should in fact start upstairs. 

And if you don’t have a second floor, you should still start by cleaning anything high up first – kitchen cupboards we’re looking at you. 

Helpling, the marketplace where customers can connect with cleaners, have shared their tricks of the trade, revealing you should also always start cleaning on the left. 

They said the most important thing isn’t products, sponges or even your cleaning playlist – but to clean ‘with the dirt’. 

“The most important thing when spring cleaning is orientation,” they revealed.

It’s also useful to work your way through the room from left to right, starting from the corner furthest away

“We’ve found that it's best to work from top to bottom, which not only means starting upstairs and working your way down, but also from the high and hard to reach areas, e.g. high shelves down to floor level.  

“This way you’ll prevent dust and dirt from falling down and having to reclean areas that have already been worked on.”

And unless your house is truly filthy, it can be hard to keep track of what’s been cleaned and what hasn’t. 

Surfaces like kitchen countertops and surfaces can begin to look the same, which is why it’s important to be methodological in your approach. 

Helpling said: “It’s also useful to work your way through the room from left to right, starting from the corner furthest away. 

“Following this route through each room ensures a thorough clean and no missed spots!”

And speaking of ‘missed spots’, they also shared the areas which often get overlooked when cleaning – and top tips to get them sparkling. 

They revealed: “Don't forget fabrics like curtains, bedding and carpets, as well as kitchen appliances like the microwave and fridge. 

“Our special tip for cleaning the curtains is to hang the curtains while they are still damp. 

“The creases will naturally iron themselves out as they dry and you'll save yourself the hassle of ironing or steaming.”

And they added that a spring clean doesn’t have to happen in one day, as you can break it up into more manageable chunks. 

“If one day has got you feeling overwhelmed, you can also take it one room at a time and split your spring cleaning over the course of a few days,” they said.

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