Seven signs you’re great in bed… and the secret tells that mean you need to try harder

EVER wondered how you REALLY stack up against others in the bedroom? Apparently there are some tell-tail signs.

And let's face it, even if you reckon your performance in the sack is 10/10, your partner might not agree.

Here are the secret tells that mean there's definitely room for improvement, and signs you're a perfect lover.

1. You feel connected to your partner

Good sex isn't just a physical experience, Body and Soul reports, but a sense of connection between the two (or more) parties is what really takes things to the next level.

To be good in the sack, the first step is to "understand the dimension of connecting with your partner" – with many couples using tantric sex as a way to draw them closer to one another.

2. You're confident

Appearing confidant usually means you're good at what you do, and the same applies to having sex.

But this doesn't just mean being confidant with your moves, but having a positive body image and feeling sexy too.

A great lover is someone who isn't self conscious and detached from the experience.

Instead, get lost in the sexual experience and you and your partner will get off in no time.

3. You're open to change

We all have certain things we like, some some we'd rather not try.

But a good over is often open to change and is creative between the sheets.

Your brain is as important as your body when it comes to having good sex, so using it to think up something new will have extremely satisfying results.

Alternatively, refusing to change things up could result in boring, mundane sex.

4. You listen to your partner

A bad lover is often a selfish one, which is why listening to your partner is key when it comes to mind-blowing sex.

After all, sex is a shared experience in most cases, so paying attention to what the other person wants is important.

Without communication, you can't possibly be a good lover so be attentive and generous and you'll no doubt make your partner weak at the knees.

5. You don't rush things

Do you have a habit of rushing the deed? This is a clear sign you have some work to do.

The key is to slow things down and pay attention to detail as being thorough is a sign you've mastered the act.

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6. You welcome the opportunity to have sex

Being approachable by your partner, initiating nookie yourself, and being eager more often than refusing is a pretty simple but often overlooked quality of being great sexually.

A good balance between spontaneity and just doing it is important, so saying yes more than no, even when you might not be up for it, makes you a better partner in bed.

7. You're playful in bed

If you want to be good in bed, enjoy it, and being playful is key.

After all, sex is playtime for adults so having some fun during sexy time is a sure-fire way to make it more enjoyable.

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