Sexpert says women 'aren't broken' when they can't orgasm – and the bloke is always to blame

A SEXPERT has reassured women that they "aren't broken" when they can't climax – and that it's the bloke who is to blame.

Writing for News.Au, Nadia Bokody argues that traditional penetrative sex should no longer be presented as "gold standard sex".

In her personal essay, Nadia claims that women who can't achieve an orgasm through sex are made to feel as though it's some "personal failing" or that they're in some way "broken" – when actually, it's men who are "bad at sex".

She wrote: "The problem isn’t with women’s bodies, it’s with the way we’re having sex with men.

"Sure, penises are great! Some might even call them cute. Regardless, if you’re a woman, you’re statistically unlikely to reach climax relying on one."

A recent study of 17,000 women countered the widely-held belief that women take longer than men to climax.

Researcher Alfred Kinsey found that women can reach orgasm in just over four minutes – which is almost as long as it takes men.

The sexpert references another study by Indiana University which found that women climax 65 per cent during "partnered sex" – while men orgasm 95 per cent of the time.

Nadia added: "More so, research indicates around three quarters of women achieve orgasm most reliably during foreplay, while just one fifth of us can get there through penetration alone."

"A far more adept approach would be to engage in extended foreplay, focusing on manual stimulation and then to continue that throughout the duration of sex," she added. "Consider penetration a neat optional extra. Kind of like the free delivery you get thrown in if you spend enough money on your Uber Eats order."

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