Shocking moment groom found bride having sex with his DAD on their wedding night & he hasn’t spoken to them for 2 years

A HEARTBROKEN groom has revealed the shocking moment he discovered his bride having sex with his DAD on their wedding night. 

Daniel, from Sydney, said he has not spoken to either of them since the betrayal two years ago.

Daniel shared how he had walked back to his room to sober up after getting “too drunk” at the ceremony after the speeches. 

He told KIISFM radio duo Kyle and Jackie O: “I walked in to drop my blazer off, but then I saw my wife with my dad in bed.

“I drank a lot on my wedding night so I thought I'd pull myself together and try not to make too much of a fool of myself. 

“Little did I know, I went back to the room and saw that happen.”

The radio hosts had asked how he lost track of his new wife, and Daniel admitted he was too “f***ed up” from drinking with friends and family so he “didn't know what was going on”.

Shockingly he said his dad had made a speech at the reception to celebrate the “happy” couple.

Understandably, Daniel said he was left traumatised by his dad in bed with his partner. 

He said: “After I saw it happen, I couldn't obviously go and face everyone outside, so I sent my best man out to send everyone home.”

Daniel had suspected his wife was having an affair with his dad leading up to the wedding day. 

He said: “Apparently it happened a few times.”

Daniel, who is now single and separated from his cheating wife, hasn’t spoken to his dad in two years. 

He explained: “I tried to find out about what happened but what am I going to say, really.”

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