Shocking video of a dishwasher tablet burning through skin shows why you MUST keep them out of reach from kids

A SICKENING video of a dishwasher tablet burning through flesh shows why you should always keep them out of reach of children. 

An Aussie mum, who’s also a paramedic, highlighted the dangers of the detergent with a piece of ham. 

The mum, called Nikki, shared an ‘experiment’ to Instagram, where she took a slice of meat and left an innocent-looking dishwasher tablet on it. 

She lets it sit for a few hours, and when she returns reveals how it’s burnt through the flesh – with the ham scorched and bubbling. 

Nikki said: “If this doesn't illustrate the danger of dishwashing tablets, then I don't know what will.”

In her experiment she shows off numerous brightly-coloured dishwashing tablets, saying: “If your LO [little one] mistakes a dishwashing tablet as a lolly, it can burn the skin fast.” 

Nikki, who pointed out the sickening bubbling caused by the tablet, warned parents: “Please store them safely; well out of sight and reach in a locked cupboard.”

Her shocking video has racked up thousands of likes, as parents thanked her for illustrating how dangerous they can be. 

One mum wrote: “This is scary… Halle enjoys playing with them too much.” 

Another mum admitted: “My daughter was so close to eating a liquid dishwasher tablet! Luckily I just caught her going to put it in her mouth.”

A third said: “We have so many things to hide.”

While this parent asked: “I've been wondering why they make them look like shiny yummy bright colourful lollies.”

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