Shop assistant shows how to accurately measure your cup size at home so you always have a well-fitted bra

SURELY we aren't the only ones who walk into a store to buy a new bra and totally guess the size with full hope it'll fit us in all the right places.

Or it could be that you've had the same few bras for years without ever feeling the need to get measured.

Despite professional bra-fitting being widely available in many stores, chances are most woman don't even bother,and instead just go with what they deem comfortable.

Whatever your reasons are for not being properly fitted, there's a simplerway you accurately check your size – and you can easily do it yourself at home.

Madison, a former sales assistant a prominent lingerie company, has demonstrated how you can find the perfect bra size by taking just two measurements – one under your bust and one on the fullest part of your chest.

In a clip shared on her TikTok page, she demonstrates the first measurement and says to always make sure you're wearing no bra or sports bra when doing so.

Taking a measuring tape to her under bust, she explains "this is going to be your band size" and says "if you land on an odd number go up to the next even."

So, according to Maddison, if your under bust comes to 33 inches your correct size would be a 34.

Then she says to bring the tape up to the fullest part ofyour chest which will give you your correct cup size.

But, here's where it all comes together. Madison explains that your cup size is based on the difference between your under bust measurement and that of your full-bust region.

She explains that a difference of just one inch is equal to an A cup, where as a two inch difference means a B cup.

The pattern continues with three inches being C and four being a D cup.

So if you measured a 34 inch under bust and 38 chest, that's a difference of four inches, therfore, your correct size would be 34D – it's genius really.

But the bigger sizes get a littler more complicated. She explains that a difference of five inches could equate to a DD or Eand every inch after that could also be one of two cup sizes.

She does warn though that every brand is different but this method will give you a rough guide making it easier for you to tackle your next shop.

So get to measuring, ladies, because once you do you'll never wear the wrong size again.

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