Stacey Solomon’s guide to surviving lockdown with three kids – from cosy date nights with Joe to making a slip-n-slide

THE LOCKDOWN hasn't been easy for mums and dads – from homeschooling woes to managing cooped up kids separated from their mates.

However, Stacey Solomon appears to be excelling at pandemic parenting.

The Loose Women star, 30, star has been arranging fun playtimes for her three young sons and cooking up creative snacks for them to munch on, as well as getting a breather herself thanks to romantic date nights with boyfriend Joe Swash, 38.

Slip-n-slide birthday party

Just this week, the busy mum ensured that her son Leighton had an eighth birthday to remember.

She presented him with a homemade Pokemon-themed cake and created a DIY slip-n-slide in the garden, using water from a hose.

While it's clear that the former singer relishes goofing around – she also takes homeschooling her offspring very seriously.

Stacey – who also has sons Zachary, 12, and 11-month-old Rex – recently showed off the amazing pencil cases she had made for her boys out of old rubbish.

Fun snacks for homeschool

She has also been breaking up their lessons by making healthy snacks in the shape of animals.

The star showed her 3.2m Instagram followers how she had fashioned a peacock out of avocado, grapes, blueberries and sweet potato.

Elsewhere in the kitchen, the social media favourite revealed how she had replicated McDonald's iconic packaging to create a homemade 'happy meal'.

The dinner treat specially for Stacey's boys included supermarket-bought nuggets and fries – but they really looked like the real deal.

Fines for creating mess

Regular followers of the star's Instagram will know she loves to keep her Essex home super tidy.

In recent days alone she has shown how to use a coat hanger to make bed sheets perfectly smooth, and has re-used old bottles to make chic candle holders.

However, with three youngsters running around the house, it can be hard to keep everything spotless.

So, Stacey came up with a genius way to ensure they cleared up after themselves.

She introduced "fines" for anyone messing up the family snack cupboard in the kitchen, and joked she would start charging for its contents.

Explaining the new system in a post, she wrote: "There is now a new system.

"It's going to cost 20p pocket money for each snack and ANYONE caught not putting things back properly gets a 50p penalty."

Another frequent feature of Stacey's feeds is the stunning family garden.

There's a cute teepee, paddling pool, and plenty of space for her kids to run around.

Date nights with Joe

However, there is also a fire pit and seating area for the adults – and the wise mum, having slipped on an ASOS loungewear set, last month gave herself some much-needed 'me time' with other half Joe.

For their romantic evening, she penned him a love letter and cooked a dinner of steak and chips.

We'll definitely be looking to her for continued quarantine #inspo…

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