The biggest lockdown beauty blunders ahead of salons reopening on April 12 – from VERY overgrown nails to dye disasters

WITH the UK enduring numerous lockdowns over the past few months it’s safe to say that our beauty and hair regimes have suffered. 

Beauty fans are rejoicing as salons and beauty parlours prepare to reopen their doors on April 12 after months of cutting their own hair, removing fake nails and doing their own tans.

Even celebs aren’t immune to some dodgy lockdown looks, with Stacey Solomon sharing the results of a questionable home pedicure. 

The mum-of-three took to Instagram to reveal her fake toe nail makeover, saying: “There was not ONE toenail to fit my massive weirdly shaped big toe. Neither wide enough or tall enough…

"Why is my big toe like this? The little ones are nice. What happened? It's such a strange shape too!

"How do people pull off fake toenails?"

And this teen was left looking like an Oompa-Loompa after accidentally using a bottle of ultra-dark fake tan. 

Keira Domachowski, 13, got a St Moriz 1 Hour Fast Tan mousse as she wanted quick results, but soon regretted it. 

After slathering it on she realised it was shade ‘Darker Than Dark’, and she later shared snaps of her questionable shade.

Her mum Carole, 41, said: “It was a disaster. Her face was just so dark.”

Another mum got more than she bargained for after roping in her son to help her highlight her hair. 

Liam ends up using tin foil and cling film to dye his mum’s locks, saying: “I think it's gonna look great, people won't even notice that I did it."

But the end result was far from professional, with people comparing his mum to the ‘white witch’. 

Back in the UK this woman had a hair-mare of her own, after she was forced to use her dad’s pliers to take her extensions out. 

Sophie Flack wrote: “I decided to take my extensions out as we’re in a full blown lockdown. 

“Yes these are my dad’s tools."

She vowed ‘never again’ after showing off the results of her DIY do. 

Another woman shared a snap of her purple hand on Twitter, after she tried to dye her hair at home. 

She said “I’ve been indoors for a couple months now (more agoraphobia related) and I’m now dying my hair for the second time…

"(And yes it’s 1am and I’m home alone and covered in hair dye rn).” 

Nails were also a challenge, with one woman giving herself a full set of talons after a heavy night. 

She shared a snap of her lilac-coloured nails to Twitter, saying: “Quarantine day 4: got extremely drunk and did my own acrylics last night, woke up with the longest nails I’ve ever had.” 

Opting for a similar shade, another beauty fan was left looking like a kid had coloured in her nails, after attempting to do her own set.

Alongside a snap of herself holding a Sprite can, she wrote on Twitter: "Quarantine have me doing my own acrylic nails since all nail salons are closed."

And another woman was left with a red faced – literally -after trying to wax her upper lip. 

Sharing her handiwork, which luckily can be covered by a mask, she wrote on Instagram: “Is anyone else struggling to adjust to their new at-home beauty routine? 

“I accidentally burned my lip trying to wax yesterday… so painful. Tell me I’m not alone.”

And this woman takes her hair extensions out with her dad’s pliers during lockdown – and is horrified with the end result.

Plus it turns out we’ve been wearing our dressing gowns all wrong as mum shares ‘game-changing’ hack.

Meanwhile this student’s epic professional fake tan fail goes viral as 1.6m people laugh at her VERY bronzed look.

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