The Brand Behind Julia Roberts’ Famous $44 Ring Made a Fashionable Face Mask Hack

I think the hardest thing about wearing a face mask is the constant struggle to not misplace it when I take it off. Now that outdoor dining is in full swing in New York, I often find myself scrambling to put it back on whenever someone approaches the table. Sometimes I find my face mask wrapped around my ear, stuck in my hair tie, or sitting on top of my puppy’s head. It’s a strange dance I never thought I’d be doing, but 2020 loves to surprise us, doesn’t it? 

But we as humans are adaptable, and there are now solutions to these strange apocalyptic issues that plagued us just weeks ago and seemed unimaginable less than a year ago. Mask chains are commonplace these days; they work exactly like sunglass chains because they’re essentially the same thing. And BaubleBar, accessory hero, has an $18 option that can do both.

When we needed an affordable celebrity-approved ring, BaubleBar gave us Julia Roberts’ famous $44 one. When we wanted to emulate Jennifer Lopez, it blessed us with a pair of sparkly chain drops. And now that we need a fashionable face mask hack like we’ve literally never needed before, BaubleBar saves the day again.

To use the mask chain, all you need to do is hook the chain to a mask’s ear loops and wear it around your neck when you need to take it off. Thanks to a pair of clear detachable rubber loops, you can fashion this as a sunglass chain, too. Katie Holmes just recently started wearing BaubleBar’s very cute face masks, so it’s only a matter of time before she also starts wearing the brand’s chain on repeat. And since celebrities like SJP have started wearing sequined masks, Hollywood A-listers are definitely just days away from decking out their over-the-top face masks with mask chains, too.

Shop the fashionable face mask hack from BaubleBar below.

BaubleBar Convertible Mask Chain 


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