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SOME fashion trends are timeless. 

The little black dress, a trench coat and even a white T-shirt – but there are many pieces that aren’t. 

Trends come back in as quickly as they go out, but we should all err on the side of caution when it comes to nineties and noughties "fashion". 

Whilst minimal looks from the 1990s are classics you can re-wear again and again – I'm talking the slip dress, a plain cardigan and straight leg jeans – every era has its flops. 

Unfortunately, thanks to hashtags of Y2K on TikTok continuing to trend with over 24 billion results – even #The90s has 65 billion – some of the trends we look back on and cringe at are reappearing. 

Here, Fabulous fashion editor Clemmie Fieldsend reveals the noughties trends you should never wear.  


Skelts – aka a skirt that is more like a belt – should simply never be worn.

Micro minis were worn the first time around by noughties pop-culture legends Jodie Marsh and Christina Aguilera, and have boomeranged back to the forefront of fashion. 

Last week actress and model Julia Fox hit New York Fashion Week in a Diesel skelt, with the hashtag gaining over 30 million views. 

Aside from causing many fashion conundrums – like what underwear to wear -they look awful. 

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No matter how cool you think you look, you look like you’re going to a 00s fancy dress party. 


Ah Kickers, the cool-girl shoe you wore to school – or you wished you did.

Who would have thought that after all these years they’d have rolled back around again – but not to be worn with a school uniform.

Brands like John Lewis and Dune are rolling out heeled shoes that look like the famous brand, to be worn with everyday looks, for £175. 

Even though we’re all for re-living our youth, slipping on a pair of clumpy heels that I definitely remember twisting my ankle in doesn't fill me with joy – and they definitely aren’t for wearing to work or down your local high street on a night out. 


Millennials will remember the almighty hold disc belts had over every outfit in our wardrobes – and they’re back. 

During the noughties and peak boho era, disc belts were the finishing touch to every look, be it your rah-rah skirt, maxi gypsy skirt or low slung jeans – an unnecessary belt made from round leather discs and held together with a metal one was essential. 

Now Gen-Z is bringing back the look once loved by Beyonce and Girls Aloud, and has amassed over 5 million views on TikTok.

And even Kate Moss’ little sister, Celebs Go Dating star Lottie Moss, has been wearing one.

But, please, don’t try this at home.

Aside from having absolutely no function, these belts aren’t a style hit on the catwalk therefore should have no place in your wardrobe. 


If you’re not one for tottering around in your faux-Kickers this season (good for you), you might be one to shuffle around in big, baggy and buckled biker boots. 

Yes, packed with Y2K nostalgia, biker boots are back and even fashion bible Vogue is reporting that they will be everywhere this autumn. 

From designer brands like Miu Miu to high street heroes H&M, tough-girl footwear is back for 2023. 

But, it shouldn’t be.

First it's the biker boots, then, before you know it you’re sweeping your hair over from one side of your ear to the other, wearing tiered mini skirts and putting on a skinny scarf.

Some trends don’t transcend through space and time, and some don’t transcend from the catwalk to real life. 


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Think about it, if that were true we’d all be wearing lion heads like Kylie Jenner down to Aldi. 

So skip biker boots this time around. 

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