These Are The Top Nail Colors To Wear This Summer

If you’re anything like me, your feet have been in hibernation for the past year. I’ve been indoors and didn’t have a real reason to get a mani-pedi. But now that sandal weather is finally upon us, I’m ready to dive into the hottest nail colors of the season. But with so many shades available, finding a color can seem a bit overwhelming. Where should we start?

“Bright colors and unique pastel tones are popular for the season and I expect that to continue into this Summer,” says celebrity manicurist Jin Soon Choi. “A bright sunshine shade like [yellow] or a soft purple pastel shade is perfect for a colorful and chic update to your manicure.”

Choi also notes that green has grown in popularity this past season in every variation from neon to olive. “I find green to be a very trans-seasonal color and works great on many skin tones,” she says.

Swap out your winter black and brown shades with these mood-boosting colors.

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