This Is Why Kylie Jenner Relates to Muse Clothing’s Statement Designs

Wear your heart on your sleeve — literally! Designer Antony Muse founded streetwear brand Muse Clothing in 2017 to share his feelings in a fashionable way through optimistic illustrations and tag lines.

Since the launch, celebrities including Kylie Jenner have taken note and gotten on board with the brand’s minimal yet quaint aesthetic featuring freeform graphic lines and fonts.

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“I felt like nothing in the streetwear scene represented me and the whole thing felt very exclusive and very expensive,” Muse tells Stylish of his intro into fashion. “It left me feeling like an outsider looking in on everyone else being a part of this incredible movement and I wanted in.”

After covering all four of his bedroom walls in drawings, friends were constantly asking Muse to create clothing for them and he knew he had the perfect idea to make something for everyone.

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“I want to share messages that feel innately human and ones that each of us can relate to in a multitude of ways — whether that be messages about loving yourself or about karma wrapped into messages about climate change, I hope to make art that all people can see and feel in some way,” he explains.

And that includes A-listers like the Kylie Cosmetics founder. “The brand connects with people like Kylie because she’s a real life person. She feels the same emotions and goes through the same things as everyone else,” Muse says.

“The same existential questions or internal anxieties that I face are similar to the ones she faces, because on the inside we all have the same questions.”

Other than the relatability aspect, all Muse Clothing collections are offered in limited edition drops and are available for 7-10 days, which It-girls then in turn snatch up quickly. 

“I want to wear stuff that I feel is mine. Everyone loves to have that sweater that they got at a thrift store that they know none of their friends will ever be able to copy. That’s what I want Muse to be like — your friends can never get your exact sweater, but they can definitely get a new one during our next release that is just for them,” he notes. 

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As for the perfect places to wear his designs to? The options are endless! “I want people to really live in our stuff — run in it, club in it, sleep in it, go on a date in it, spill coffee on it and cuddle with your dog in it.”

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