Thrifty mum reveals how she feeds her family for just 67p per meal – and it's helped her lose a stone and a half

A THRIFTY mum has revealed how she feeds her family for just 67p per day, and it's helped her lose weight too.

Cassie McKay, from Victoria, Australia, now has a weekly food shop of just £63.78 (AUS$116) thanks to batch cooking.

For that, she can make 44 main meals – including Moroccan chickpea stew, beef chow mein, slow cooked Chinese spiced chicken, risotto, pasta salad, peanut butter chicken curry and lentil shepherds pie.

She was also able to make 51 snacks like banana bread, chocolate chip muffins, pumpkin hummus and cheesy broccoli bites – with some milk, rice, honey and other bits leftover.

Cassie told The Healthy Mummy: "I love nothing more than heading into the kitchen and creating delicious, healthy meals for the family."

The mum, who has an eight-year-old girl and a four-year-old boy, shopped for the week in Aldi and managed to make 95 meals in total.

She said: "I was really happy with the cost of this prep, as I previously thought I’d have to do a mostly vegetarian prep to keep costs down.

"I wish I could say it took no time at all, but prep like this takes time. This took me 5 hours all up (not including clean-up time – lucky I’ve got an amazing partner who did most of that!)"

Cassie joined Healthy Mummy in the hopes of losing her baby weight, but says cooking the app recipes has allowed her to save money too.

Cassie's tips for budget meals

  1. Write a shopping list: Check your fridge and pantry, write a list of items you can use without spending any extra money.
  2. Find recipes your family will love:  There isn't much point cooking food that nobody wants to eat.
  3. Look for meals with similar ingredients: I used a lot of carrots, courgette, pumpkin, peas and sweet potato across the recipes I chose.
  4. Prepare containers: Check your drawer to make sure you've got enough containers to store the food once you've prepped it.
  5. Make freezer friendly meals: If you're planning on doing a big prep, think about which meals will freeze well. I cook a few meals to eat in the following days. The rest gets frozen to be defrosted and eaten later in the week or following weeks.
  6. Use frozen veggies and dried beans to save money: Just remember to soak the beans the day before.
  7. Use zip-lock freezers bags if you don't have a big freezer: Simply stack them on top of each other to save space.
  8. Label everything: Make sure you date mark and label everything once you’re done because you’re likely to have forgotten when you are searching the freezer in a few weeks.

Cassie says she "easily" lost 1st 8lb (10kg) after joining Healthy Mummy in January 2017, and has been maintaining this weight loss for the past two years.

Recipes for all Cassie's meals are available on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

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