Thrifty mum uses bunk beds to split her daughters’ room in two so they can both have some space & it’s an instant hit

WHEN you've got kids around a similar age, having them share a room is a nobrainer – but it's not quite as blissful as they enter their teenage years.

That said, one savvy mum has revealed how she gave both her daughters the space they craved while still sharing a room – and it's downright genius.

Posting on the Facebook group DIY on a Budget Official, mum Sharlene Tait explained how she used her daughters' bunkbeds to split the room in two.

"This was my big lockdown decorating project, all DIY-ed by myself and my Dad," she wrote. "Both my girls share a bedroom but there's a bit of an age gap between them and I wanted to give them their own space."

As the room isn't big enough to fit two beds, Sharlene used the frame and extra wooden panels to split it in half.

She explained: "We added wooden panels to opposite sides of the beds to block off the rooms.

"Oldest daughter has the top bunk and the first 'room' and then youngest has the bottom bunk and the 'room' at the back."

While her eldest now has a new desk and dressing table set up by her bed, Sharlene's younger daughter's bed is now in a cosy alcove.

What's more, Sharlene and her dad even added an archway between the "rooms" to make them seem even more separate.

The stylish mum repainted her teenage daughter's blue and created her own silver wall sticker reading: "When it's raining, look for rainbows. Whenit's dark, look for stars."

Meanwhile, the decor of her younger daughter's room remained largely the same – with the addition of a mustard rug from Argos and some pretty pastel storage creates.

Sharlene added: "I'm so pleased with how it's turned out and my girls are over the moon with their own rooms!"

Needless to say, Sharlene's impressive room transformation was a hit with the group's members – and her post racked up over 14,000 "likes".

"Brilliant idea," one wrote. "Looks amazing!"

Another added: "Absolutely beautiful!!! Very creative, love all the colours you’ve used too."

A third gushed: "Wow wow wow!!!! That is stunning. I love it."

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