Thrifty woman bags 23 shower gels for a fiver in Asda sale – and ‘doesn’t care’ what people think of her mega haul – The Sun

WE all love the thrill of finding a bargain on a shopping trip – but one woman has had to defend herself after stocking up on loads of reduced toiletries in the Asda sale.

The thrifty shopper said she was 'not bothered' about what people thought of her huge discounted haul after sharing a photo of her lot on Facebook.

Posting an image of Asda her haul to the group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, she wrote: "Before anyone has a go, I bought some for friends and family as I was there and there was loads left. Plus some for christmas boxes.

"Not bothered what people think to be honest but there's always one that has a go."

Her haul included nine bottles of bubble bath, 23 shower gels, eight bars of soap and eight men's shower gels.

Breaking down the price of each item, the woman explained she bagged the shower gels for 20p each, while the soap was priced at 17p and the bubble bath cost 43p.

Not bothered what people think to be honest.

She also took the time to advise other shoppers on where to find the best deals in store.

"For anyone who's looking, they are on the shelves not on sale sections," she said.

Facebook users were divided over the photo. Some praised her bargain-hunting skills while others suggested she should leave some for those in need.

Over 1,700 people reacted to the post, with one woman writing, "You haven't got to worry what others think or say, I would have had loads just for myself given the opportunity, if only our Asda did it."

Another said: "Wouldn't worry what folk have to say, I'd be keeping em for myself bargains are there for folk who are in the right place at the time its there to be had."

Could maybe donate some to homeless shelters and food banks or refuges.

Meanwhile, someone else mused: "Could maybe donate some to homeless shelters and food banks or refuges."

This isn't the first time a savvy shopper has recieved backlash for stockpiling multiple sale items.


Another beauty fan came up against criticism for stocking up on beauty buys like eyeshadow palettes and makeup gift sets, which were reduced to less than 50p in the Superdrug mega sale.

The shopper was branded 'selfish' by others, while some people claimed they can never find deals in-store due to people grabbing them all.

For more bargain beatuty buys, Lidl is launching a brand new olive oil beauty range from £1.99 & it’s a dupe of The Body Shop’s £16 version.

And Pandora has a massive sale on right now, with signature charms going for as little as £7.

Plus, IKEA has a summer sale on with discounted products starting at just 40p.  

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