TikTok has become a hotbed for pimple poppers – and these videos will make you squirm – The Sun

FROM squeezing whiteheads to bursting cysts, the latest trend on TikTok is so disgusting that you'll have a hard time watching it without being sick.

Desperate to rack up the likes, people are sharing gruesome videos of themselves popping pimples fresh for the picking, with accounts entirely dedicated to the nasty and "satisfying" habit.


While some clips are innocent enough with tiny spots under someone's nose or neck, most resemble a surgical procedure with influencers using needles, scrapers and masks to take care of skin problems and pull out huge cysts from people's bodies.

We've dug out the best accounts to follow  – watch at your own risk, and keep a bucket close by.

DrMudgil, 334.2K followers

Dr Mudgil is an expert at popping growths – his speciality is protruding cysts.

This account is not for the faint of heart, as you'll witness everything from explosive boils with mucus flying through the air to bloody abscesses pulled out of people's scalps.

The doctor from New York City is immensely popular on the social media platform, as well as on YouTube where he shares his gruesome videos with 32,200 followers.

Dr Pimple Popper, 151.8K followers

Proving that quality beats quantity, pimple popper and certified dermatologist, Sandra Lee, only has 10 clips on her account so far, but has still racked up an impressive following.

There's a vomit-worthy clip titled "spill all your cystcrets" showing pus slowly squirming out of someone's skin that will prove particularly satisfying.

Or enjoy the video of the doctor pulling out a cyst the size of a hand from someone's back.

Calvinroyaltyskin, 25.1K followers

If pimple popping is too much for you to handle, this is a good introductory account.

A licensed female aesthetician reveals how to clean out your pores and extract stubborn spots by shaving off white heads with a large metallic blade.

She also shares common skincare problems that can lead to stomach-turning zits.

"Don't be shy, pop some more," commented one user.

The Pawshgroomer, 23K followers

It's not just humans who have their pimples popped on social media.

Dog groomer Robyn Phillips regularly uploads videos featuring grim extractions of enormous cysts squeezed out of adorable pooches.


People are fascinated, with one fan commenting:"Can you do more of these videos, they are so satisfying."

"My dog gets pimples around her mouth is that like bad," asked someone else.

Satisfyingvidsforyou, 56.5K followers

Those after tools to remove their own unwanted growths will like this account, as it features a compilation of clips of off-putting pimples being squashed, pinched or crushed – with an Amazon link to the tools used.

Each video also comes with a warning for squeamish viewers, and it's no surprise, what with the pus and gunk that follows.

Not had enough?

You'll be presented with a feast of spots being squeezed if you search #pimplepopping on TikTok – but don't say we didn't warn you.

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