Vote Merch Is Officially Fall 2020’s Most Popular Fashion Trend

Vote. It’s a seemingly simple four-letter word that holds so much power. Because yes, your vote is your power. 

Vote. It’s the four-letter word you’ll see emblazoned on fashion merchandise everywhere this year. Why? Because merch effectively conveys messages and, this year, that message is being heard loud and clear: Get out and do the damn thing (ahem, vote).

Celebs are here for their “vote” merch. Most recently, it was Katie Holmes who stepped out in New York City wearing a, wait for it, “vote” tee from Old Navy. The limited-edition, gender-neutral shirt retails for a cool $15.

Michelle Obama has also hopped aboard the voting merch tain. For her inspiring Democratic National Convention speech back in August — an oration filled with so much fervor and hope — her jewelry of choice, a gorgeous 14 karat gold “VOTE” necklace from Los Angeles-based, black-owned brand ByChari, was just as important as the words she spoke.

But that’s not all. Jennifer Garner just stepped out in a “vote” sweatshirt from Social Goods; Karlie Kloss and Gwyneth Paltrow both rocked a “vote” stud from Studs; Jill Biden sported “vote” boots from Stuart Weitzman; and Oprah recently donned a colorful Tory Burch “Vote” Tee.

The message here? It’s not only important for you to go out and do your civic duty, it’s important to encourage others to do the same. Phone calls to family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues, texts, and open conversation around the dinner table are all great ways to spread the word, but sometimes, the easiest way to make a statement is to wear it on your sleeve (or neck, or ear, or chest, or ankles). That’s why we’ve rounded up all the best “vote” merch to wear all day, every day until the November 3 election. Below, shop all the best clothing, jewelry, accessories, and more that’ll remind everyone to go out and vote. 


Vote T Shirts
Talentless Women's Premium Vote Tee
Voters Accessories
Tory Burch Vote T-Shirt
Rebecca Minkoff Vote Tee
Vote T Shirts
M.M.LaFleur The Leslie Rally T-Shirt
Madewell Vote Graphic Unisex Tee
Lingua Franca Vote Short Sleeve

You’ll have no problem finding all the “vote” merch you could want in the clothing department. Brands like Tory Burch, Madewell, Old Navy, and Richer Poorer have all churned out their own take on fall 2020’s most important fashion staple while still sticking true to their signature design ethos.

If you’re looking for comfy loungewear, Richer Poorer’s “I Am a Voter” Sweatpants are sure to be your calling card, while Holmes’s Old Navy find is a great buy if you’re on the hunt for an affordable tee that spreads the message loud and clear. If you want to let your crafty side shine, go with M.M.LaFleur’s Rally T-shirt, which comes with a set of five patches that you can iron on however you please.

Bonus: Most brands are donating a portion of their proceeds earned from their voter merch. With each purchase of this Madewell tee, for example, the label will donate 100 percent of the purchase price to the American Civil Liberties Union, while 100 percent of the net proceeds from this Tory Burch’s “Vote” T-Shirt will benefit I am a voter.


Bychari Vote Necklace
BaubleBar I Vote Necklace
Vote Studs
Voters Accessories
Kinn Vote Necklace
Maya Brenner VOTE Earrings
Little Words Project Vote Beaded Bracelet
Voters Accessories

If you prefer to go a more subtle route with your voter merch, wear it on your neck, ears, or wrist, instead. That’s right, “vote” jewelry has been blowing up ever since Obama’s DNC speech, and brands like Baublebar, Studs, and, of course, Obama-approved ByChari can’t keep up with the demand. Studs’ “Vote” studs, which are already a celeb-favorite, sold out in a mere 48 hours after their launch, whereas searches for “vote” necklaces likely spiked after the former first lady’s inspiring speech.


evolvetogether I Am a Voter Mask
Voters Accessories
Gap Adult Vote Face Masks
Talentless Unisex Vote Facemask
CV x When We All Vote Canvas Tote
I am a voter hat
Voters Accessories
For Days Vote Mask 2 Pack
Susan Alexandra Vote Bag
Also, Freedom VOTE Tote

We all know face masks will continue to be 2020’s most essential accessory, so why not rock the vote on your mask? Holmes-approved For Days offers a two-pack “vote” mask that’s made from 100 percent organic cotton, while celeb-favorite Evolvetogether’s medical-grade masks are now available with “I am a voter.” stamped on the corner.

Totes and hats are perhaps the most classic form of merch, but that doesn’t make them any less interesting. Instagram-favorite brand Susan Alexandra created a beaded vote bag (for each one sold, the brand will donate $35 to the ACLU), while Also, Freedom’s “Vote” Tote comes with a scannable QR code that links to So cool, no?


Voters Accessories
When We All Vote x Brother Vellies Canvassing Sneakers
MOTHER X I am a voter socks
Naturalizer Callie in Black Leather Boots
Stuart Weitzman The 5050 Vote Over-The-Knee Boot
When We All Vote x Brother Vellies Crew Sock

We love shoes, but right now, we’re loving “vote” shoes even more. Yes, they’re a thing, and brands like Birdies, Stuart Weitzman, Brother Vellies, and Naturalizer are all in. Each footwear label has churned out its own take on the most unexpected form of voter merchandise — and clearly they’re a hit, seeing as many are showing low stock alerts. Birdies’ limited-edition Vote Collection is nearly sold out, while Naturalizer’s Callie Vote Boot is still available in just a handful of sizes. That said, if you want a pair, you’ll have to act fast. 

Oh, and don’t forget to top it all of with a pair of cozy and cute vote socks, which you can snag from Mother Denim and Brother Vellies. You’ll really be rocking the vote now. 

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