Watch a Karate Sensei Fight UFC Star ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson in Full Body Armor

YouTube’s Sensei Seth frequently makes videos in which he shares his knowledge of karate principles and practice. In his latest post, however, he ventures into the world of mixed martial arts, taking on former champion kickboxer and current UFC welterweight Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

With a reputation as one of the best strikers in his sport, Thompson is a force to be reckoned with in the octagon—and it’s not long before Seth is coming up with outlandish ways of lasting longer in their sparring sessions.

“After a couple more occurrences of sparring with what felt like a ghost while I was stuck in a washer-dryer with three or four rocks thrown inside, I decided to change it up a bit, and maybe cheat just a touch,” he says.

Given that Thompson’s offensive tactics are so strong, Seth invests in the best defense possible: a full body suit of padded armor. The whole thing comprises of so many separate parts that it takes half an hour for Seth to strap into it all, and then he’s ready to start sparring again.

“I’m not very mobile or very agile right now,” he admits, demonstrating how the sheer size of the armor has turned him into a slow, lumbering, target. But it definitely has the desired end result; none of Thompson’s expert footwork, strikes or side kicks can be felt through the padding. Although once Seth is knocked off his feet, he does rather resemble a turtle on its back, and is unable to get back up very quickly.

Ultimately, though, the suit means that Seth is capable of taking such a beating that Thompson ends up tiring himself out during their fight. Which is one way of holding your own against a pro MMA fighter.

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