Watch This Guy Try To Break a 30-Second Pushup 'Record'—For the Third Time

Vlogger Stan Browney is giving his third attempt to pump out as many pushups he can in 30 seconds, shooting for an unofficial YouTube record. Browney started the pushup challenge when he shot a video of himself attempting to do the most pushups possible in 30 seconds, claiming he broke a ‘world record’ (which was not sanctioned by any governing body, for the record), and created the the #30secondschallenge.

He challenged his viewers to beat his initial ‘record’ of 47 pushups, and someone did, clocking in 50 pushups. So he tried the challenge again, and knocked out 51 pushups with ‘perfect’ form, and 53 with ‘decent’ form. But the record of 53 mediocre pushups in 30 seconds was again beaten by one of his followers. So of course, Browney attempted to beat up the ante again.

He attempted to challenge on both rock and grassy surfaces, and “After doing this challenge more than 20 times in 24 hours, my palms were on fire,” Browney says in the video.

He settles to keep trying on the grass, and hits 53 reps, which ties his previous record. Knowing it’s not good enough, and tries again… but only reps out 53 again.

“I was too slow every time I tried it,” he says.

So he’s tied the ‘record,’—but then announces he’s found someone else that claims to have repped out 55 pushups in 30 seconds. However, the video was shot at a bad angle…so Browney calls out this new challenger to re-film, and he plans to attempt to do 55 reps during another video.

The saga between YouTubers continues. But if you’re setting out to take on any type of speed challenge on your own, remember that your form should be of the utmost priority. That mean core and glutes engaged, full extension elbow lockout—more here.

Anyone can flail around on the floor and claim to have pumped through as many reps as possible—but in a real record-setting scenario, a judge would be on hand to make sure every movement is up to snuff. Even if your ‘record’ won’t ever make any type of list, your biggest focus should be to avoid cheating yourself.

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