We rate top celebrity diets – from Kim Kardashian's plant-based one to Adele's Sirtfood and Gwyneth Paltrow's Keto

ROBBIE WILLIAMS is far trimmer than he was in his party days.

But it is not just giving up drink and drugs that has helped him slim down.

The singer, 46, only eats one meal a day – dinner – and has no sugar for six days a week.

The dad of three said: “You know people say I have been fasting, well, no. I don’t want to be but I am very productive from 1am until 5am.

“I get a lot done and I wake up at noon. Then I will have a meal at 5pm and I will feel full.”

But is it a healthy way to cut calories? Yasmin Harisha asks nutritionist Amanda Ursell if eating like the stars really works and to rate each diet.

Robbie Williams – one meal a day


AMANDA says: “If you only eat once a day then you only have to worry about what is in that one meal and will automatically cut out concerns about overdoing snacks.

“It must be one pretty big meal if Robbie only eats once a day for six days out of seven, and is maintaining his current weight.

“This would make a very big ‘load’ for his body to cope with. It’s unlikely he’d get all his vitamins packed into one meal”.

PRO: Cuts out concerns for snacking on junk food and sweets.

CON: Not sustainable and can cause body to lose out on nutrients.

Ellie Goulding – fasts for 40 hours at a time


ELLIE, 33, sometimes goes two days without food and will limit herself to tea, coffee and water with added electrolytes.

Amanda says: “Losing two days of nutrients by following a 40-hour fast is tough on the body in terms of all other vitamins and minerals.

“This feels like an extreme way of keeping in shape. I’d avoid this.”

PRO: Fasting helps give the digestive system a break.

CON: This diet can leave you feeling wiped out, stressed and struggling to concentrate.

Simon Cowell – no red meat


THE X Factor judge, 60, lost 4in from his waist by banning red meat, sugar and opting for light beer.

Amanda says: “If these dietary moves are taken with an overall lifestyle overhaul, it could help with weight loss.

“Cutting out red meat will see iron levels reduce, but you can make up for this vital mineral with wholegrains, green leafy veg, eggs, dried apricots and nuts.”

PRO: Can help stop heart disease, stroke, arthritis.

CON: Red meat is one of our main sources of iron and the body needs it to produce new red blood cells.

Kim Kardashian – plant-based diet


REALITY star Kim, 39, sticks to eating foods derived from plant sources, as well as doing high-intensity workouts.

Amanda says: “Very nutritious if well balanced. Be sure to have enough protein if doing regular training, and include plant-based proteins such as pulses, nuts and and tofu.

“Avoid trendy processed plant-based snacks and stick with good old-fashioned, home-cooked versions.”

PRO: You are likely to achieve your five a day and it can lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

CON: If you do not plan correctly, you may not meet your protein, vitamin and mineral needs.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Ketogenic diet


THE 47-year-old actress follows the “keto” diet, which allows only 50g of carbs a day (ideally below 20g) but there is no restriction on fat intake.

Amanda says: “This extreme diet has seen positive results when followed under dietitian supervision by people with epilepsy. Celebrities are using it to shift weight swiftly.

“You will probably lose weight quickly to start. Side-effects can include low energy, sleep disturbance and bad breath.”

PRO: You can feel fuller for longer as fatty foods take longer to process.

CON: Because of food restrictions, you may find this diet a tough one to stick to.

Richard Osman – 16:8 diet


THE Pointless presenter, 49, would fast for 16 hours a day and eat in an eight-hour window with no limits on the types or amounts of food.

Amanda says: “Of all intermittent fasting plans, this is one of the most sensible.

“You are conscious of what and when you are eating.

“Research shows our metabolism is better at burning fat during the night if we eat our last meal of the day earlier rather than later.

PRO: Great for cutting out grazing at night.

CON: Does not teach you much about healthy eating as it allows you to eat what you want.

Adele – Sirtfood diet


THE singer, 32, has lost 7st. Diet is plant-based but allows dark chocolate and red wine.

Amanda says: “Foods that are recommended on the Sirtfood Diet are said to stimulate proteins in our bodies known as sirtulins.

"They may play key roles in the way our bodies burn calories and control daily rhythms like sleep.

"The plan uses healthy, nutrient-packed foods, so the likelihood is following it will help you to lose weight and feel well.”

PRO: Can activate a type of protein to regulate your metabolism.

CON: Drastically restricts calorie intake, which can make you feel lethargic.

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