Wendy Williams, 55, Just Shared A Rare No-Makeup Instagram Video

  • Wendy Williams just shared a rare no-makeup video to her Instagram.
  • She swears by moisturizing her face, neck, and entire body after showering.
  • Wendy also sh0wed herself getting jawline botox in an January episode of her show.

Talk show host Wendy Williams just shared a rare no-makeup video on Instagram, promoting an appearance on Good Day D.C. While she usually appears in full glam on TV and social media, the 55-year-old has been filming the Wendy Williams Show at home recently, giving fans a peek at her bare-faced look.

So, what’s the secret to her flawless skin? Moisturizer.In fact, she swears by it—not just on her face, but from head to toe. “Moisturize your entire body,” Wendy told The Cut in 2017. “You can use something as simple as Aveeno. The most important thing is that you have to do it while your skin is still moist.”


Wendy suggests moisturizing after every shower. “When you get out of the shower, the first thing that you grab should not be your towel, but your moisturizer, and you should moisturize from head to toe. And don’t forget your neck,” she explained. “People only think of their face, but you know what? My elbows are not discolored. Neither are my knees.”

Aside from keeping her skin conditioned, Wendy is careful about what she puts into her body, too. Every day, she starts her morning with green juice at her office with a bowl of oatmeal, and three times a day, she takes “a fistful” of supplements. After her show (in 2012, at least), Wendy takes off her stage makeup, and applies serum, Elizabeth Arden oil capsules, and eye cream.

Despite her low-key skincare routine, she’s not afraid to make adjustments here and there. In January 2020, Wendy underwent jawline Botox and played the footage of the procedure on her show. “This morning I got here at 6:30 for a little breakfast procedure,” she said, before playing the tape of her Botox being injected. “If you see something, do something. Don’t just assume that your skin don’t crack,” she told the audience.Wendy further explained that the result was a sharpened jawline and “a little cheekbone from the back.”

During the show, Wendy went on to clarify what cosmetic procedures she hasn’t had done. “I’ve never gotten a face lift,” she said. “And you know what, if you start staving off at an early time, you won’t need a face lift!”

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