Where to Get the Monogrammed Necklace Loved by Everyone from J.Lo to Meghan Markle

When A-list moms including Kristen Bell, Meghan Markle and Mila Kunis want to pay tribute to their kids in a subtle way that makes a serious impact, they all don the same delicate pendant necklaces from Mini Mini Jewels.

Kristen Bell was recently seen spotting two of the tiny tag-style pendants, which come in many styles but typically feature an initial and a precious stone, on her Instagram stories. Meghan Markle wore her "M" and "H" (yep, for Meghan and Harry) initials to the U.S. Open last September. And Mila Kunis was an early adopter, wearing her two tags (presumably for her children, Wyatt and Dimitri) all the way back in 2017.

There's just a few of the stars who have been seen in the jewels, and some have even gotten creative: Jennifer Lopez wore her diamond halo initials layered, with a "J" on one chain and "L-O" on another to spell out her famous nickname for a sexy, bikini-clad photoshoot.


And Candace Cameron Buré wears hers constantly – to cook, work out and share skincare secrets.


Other stars with the dainty jewels include Ireland Baldwin, Amanda Hearst and Gabrielle Union. While many stars have the traditional yellow gold pendant with an initial and diamond, the collection has expanded to include white gold and rose gold, zodiac signs and birthstones, and other delicate icons, shapes and styles.

Want to get the star-loved style for yourself – or for a loved one for Christmas? Better snap one up before they sell out to the next round of celebs.

Buy It! Mini Mini diamond-accented dogtag with initial, $175; nordstrom.com

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