Why bunging your tights in the FREEZER is the easiest way to make sure you never ladder them again

AS we head into autumn it’s time to get your tights and boots out, but we all know the frustration of laddering a pair the second you step out the house. 

If you spend your mornings in winter frantically rooting around your drawers for an in-tact pair of tights, experts have revealed some top tips to stop them snagging. 

Size-inclusive brand Better Tights have shared their ‘tricks of the trade’, which will ensure you’re never late for work again. 

While it may seem counterintuitive as you’re putting on tights to keep warm, bunging them in the freezer can help their longevity. 

Better Tights explained the cold helps the fibres stay tighter and they're less likely to rip or run. 

They said: “This is a weird one but trust us. Freezing tights helps to keep their fibres tighter and less likely to rip or run during wear. 

Top tips to stop tights snagging

  • Put them in the freezer
  • Never use fabric softener
  • Hand-wash or use a laundry bag on a delicate cycle
  • Turn inside out before washing
  • Always air dry

“Be sure to wet your tights first before freezing, wring out any excess moisture then pop into a freezer bag and into the freezer overnight. 

“You’ll need to let them ‘defrost’ so maybe have a back up spare if you’re in a hurry!”

Another big no-no when washing your tights is using fabric softener, even if it does make them smell nice. 

The experts explained the “softener breaks down the fibres in tights", meaning they're easier to ladder.

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And when you do wash them, ideally you should hand wash them in warm water. 

If, like most of us, you don’t have time for that, the second best option is to invest in some laundry bags.

Better Tights said: “If you’re really pushed for time, invest in some in-laundry laundry bags and pop your tights inside then on a delicate cycle!”

And to help keep them in pristine condition, turn them inside-out before washing. 

The team said: “To avoid your tights bobbling or gathering fluff, turn them inside out before washing. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling on a new pair of tights, only to find they’ve laddered

“This will remove any dead skin cells and stop those annoying fluff bobbles from sticking on the outside.”

Once they’re clean, resist the urge to put them in a dryer, as this can further damage your tights. 

The experts revealed: “Similar to washing machines, dryers can do a lot of damage to hosiery. In addition to weakening fibres, which may lead to runs, dryers can damage the elasticity of your tights. 

“Nobody wants a saggy gusset! To avoid this, always air dry your tights to ensure they retain their shape and last for longer.” 

Rob Morris of Better Tights, says: “There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling on a new pair of tights, only to find they’ve laddered, stretched or that the gusset is ripped and saggy. 

“Investing in a good pair of tights is beneficial for the environment and your bank balance. 

“It’s also important to take care of your tights to ensure they stay in top condition for long, there’s a few tricks of the trade we’ve learnt that will change your tights game!”

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