Why the Cardigan Is the New House Dress For Fall 2020

I was a big fan of the breezy, lightweight house dress this past summer, but sadly, we’re nearing September, and I’m ready to rotate back to sweaters. I may not be the only one. It seems as though celebrities we regularly take style influence from — Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, just to name two major contenders — are team cardigan for fall 2020. Here I am following in their footsteps, making the case for a cardigan that takes the place of your “throw-on-and-go” look this season.

Here’s what I love about the cardigan: 1. It comes in a range of colors and materials, so you’re taken care of whether you prefer ribbing or a wooly knit. 2. You can unbutton down to there to enjoy a sexier moment in your lingerie or loungewear, or you can bare a hint of your lacy bra to make a statement. 3. It’s usually thick enough to take the place of a light jacket for the first couple months of fall, so running out to the corner store requires no additional layering. 4. These are cozier than blazers, while still being a bit more fitted than a hoodie, allowing you to comfortably straddle the line between overly polished and lazy.

A browse through some of my favorite cardigan moments on Instagram, plus the pieces I have my eye on, should convince you to join the squad in no time at all. It’d be a shame to keep Taylor and Harry waiting.

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