Why the Sausage Roll is the speedy bed-making tip you NEED to know about & other home hacks to get your space spotless

TIKTOK has single-handedly changed the way we clean and organise our homes with new tips and tricks being added almost daily.

Luckily for us, Linens Limited as scrolled through the thousands and hand-picked the best hacks that'll give you that hotel-feeling at home and they'll have your space spotless in no time.

Speedy bed-making

A hotel housekeeper shared her bed-making secrets and now we can effortlessly change the duvet cover in minutes – yes, really

Posting on her page, For The Home, Christine revealed that the ‘sausage roll’ hack is a must-know and it's pretty easy to do.

Simply lay out your duvet cover inside out on top of your bed and place your duvet on top.

Starting from the closed end, roll up your duvet and cover together into a 'sausage’ shape until you reach the end of your bed.

Then, holding either side,flip it over to reveal the other side (perhaps watch the clip for this step) and do up the buttons before rolling it out – ta da!

Posh towels

Some people fold them while others just shove them in the cupboard (definition of evil if you ask us), but TikTok user Vanesa Amaro (and others) roll them – and they look so luxe.

With spas and hotels still currently closed and holidays abroad not looking likely for a while, creating your own spa-style towel set up could just be the answer 

Start by laying your towel out flat, sideways. Then fold the top right corner down so it lines up with the bottom edge.

Then fold the top half of the towel down so it also meets the bottom edge before flipping the whole thing over.

From the straight edge, tightly roll the entire length of the towel until you get to the folded edge which you will wrap around before tucking in the edge.

Fuss-free shower

Housekeeper Vanesa also shared another genius tip which will have your shower screen sparkling in no time.

She showed how to use a washing-up sponge filled with vinegar and washing up liquid on the glass which instantly removes limescale and soap scum.

Others have started doing this too and it's a sure way to keep your shower clean – just leave it in the shower and give it a wipe over while you're in there.

Flawless carpets

What if we told you that you could ditch the hoover and STILL have clean, fluffy carpets in an instant.

Cleaning fanatics have been using a squeegee, or window scraper, to collect dust while fluffing up their carpet for a fuller, softer finish. 

Mia Slater showed how it's done in a clip on TikTok and managed to get her plush grey flooring looking brand new.

Strip tease (your laundry)

Forget standard laundry washing, the cleaning obsessed have been soaking sheets in a bathtub for effortlessly clean bedding.

Using the strip-wash method, just let them soak in detergent in the tub and literally watch the dirt melt away for extra clean, crisp bedding. 

While strip washing isn't a new phenomenon it seems to have become mainstream again thanks to TikTok with users like MrsLaurenElms trying it.

Chloe Rowlands, representative of Linens Limited said: “With TikTok continuing to prove popular for cooking, cleaning and general lifestyle hacks, we wanted to collect some of the top spring-cleaning and organisational videos to make people’s lives a little easier!

"We love that you can create your own ‘hotel-feel’ by making your bed and folding your towels a certain way – perfect for adding a more luxurious feel to your home.”

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