Will Zara Tindall's baby son have a royal title?

ZARA Tindall has given birth to a baby boy, her husband Mike revealed this morning.

Despite being members of the Royal Family, the couple have chosen to keep their children largely out of the spotlight – so will baby Lucas have a royal title?

Will Zara Tindall's son have a title?

Zara Tindall has followed in her mother Princess Anne's footsteps by not having royal titles for her children.

According to The Express, only male heirs are able to pass on royal titles to their children but The Queen was willing to make an exception for her daughter.

However, the Princess Royal refused the offer and later told Vanity Fair that Zara and her older brother Peter were "better off" for it.

She said: "I think it was probably easier for them, and I think most people would argue that there are downsides to having titles. So I think that was probably the right thing to do."

Zara has taken the same approach with her own children Mia Grace, seven, and Lena Elizabeth, two, and says she feels "lucky" to have grown up without a title.

It is expected Zara and Mike's son Lucas will also not have a royal title.

When did Zara Tindall give birth?

Speaking on The Good, The Bad and The Rugby, Mike revealed that his wife gave birth to a son on their bathroom floor over the weekend.

The couple's spokesperson also confirmed the happy news and revealed the baby is called Lucas Philip Tindall – in a touching nod to Prince Philip.

Describing the dramatic birth, Mike said he had to rush to his gym to grab a mat and place it on the ground in a case of "brace, brace, brace".

He added: "Fortunately the midwife that was going to meet us at the hospital wasn't that far away so she drove up, got there just as we'd assumed the position, and then the second midwife arrived just after the head had arrived!"

Where does Zara's son fall in the line of succession?

Little Lucas is 22nd in line to the throne.

The Queen and Prince Philip were previously said to be "delighted" by their granddaughter Zara's announcement she was expecting in December.

They currently have ten great-grandkids after Princess Eugenie gave birth to son August in February.

The Queen is expecting an 11th with the arrival of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's second baby.

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