Woman, 22, who dates 53 year old gets slammed for 'using him' after bragging about her life of yachts & designer bags

A WOMAN has racked up over four million views on a video bragging about the luxury life of yachts and jet-setting she enjoys having an older boyfriend. 

Alyssa Renee Gutierrez, 22, from Las Vegas, was slammed on TikTok for “using” her rich partner, who is 31 years older than her. 

She shared a TikTok montage of the extravagant life she is used to, from expensive meals out, super cars and designer Gucci bags. 

Alyssa used the caption: “And that’s on having an older boyfriend #tapin #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #richgirlcheck #richgirlmood #rich #daddy.”

One shot showed her staying in an expensive-looking hotel, and another revealed her doing a glamorous photoshoot in a studio. 

The video caused such a stir that she did a second “boyfriend reveal” video featuring her wealthy silver-haired partner, saying they have been together for just over two years. 

She added: “Love knows no age. 

"We have two beautiful Pomeranians together. I can wait to see what the future holds.

“Treats me like a Queen and makes me feel beautiful every day. 

“I love you baby and our love knows no limits.”

The video showed Alyssa smooching her Italian boyfriend as they cuddled up together on the sofa. 

Her videos have racked up millions of views, with many people saying she shouldn’t rely on her partner to fund her enviable lifestyle. 

One TikTok user wrote: “I’m achieving this through my own hard work.”

Another added: “Idk there’s something about spending your boyfriends money that just doesn’t sit right with me.”

And one wrote: “WOMEN! This do not equal love nor happiness!!!!! Money is nothing!!!!!”

However, some people were full of envy for her chic lifestyle, with one saying: “suddenly i’m into older guys.”

Alyssa responded to criticism of people saying they’d rather pay for themselves, by saying: “Same sis, but when you find a guy who loves you and treats you like a queen what’s the downside.”

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