Woman begs friend for help after bad haircut with tiny layers makes her look 'like a lion' – & the results are stunning

THIS woman had to beg her friend for help with her hair, because she wasn't 'capable' of fixing it herself.

After some styling magic, however, the results are stunning.

Tiktok user Alina shared a hilarious clip of her friend’s hair nightmare, and how she attempted to fix the situation.

In the video, Alina says that her friend asked her to fix her hair because she couldn’t do it herself.

She says: “So my mate came for me to do something to her hair because she wasn’t capable.”

Her friend’s hair is cut dramatically into two clear blocks: one very short layer, and one much longer one.

Assessing the damage, Alina asks: “What is this please?”

“Reminds me of a lion”, she jokes. 

Though her friend “looks happy”, laughing about her unfortunate hairstyle, Alina still makes a concerted effort to sort out the situation. 

After showing the end result, Alina’s friend’s hair looks transformed – the choppy, two-block style is no longer visible.

Alina captioned the video: “She better love me for this because erm.”

The video has reached over 2 million views, and viewers were stunned at the disastrous do. 

“Why is it soo bad tho”, asked one stunned commenter, while another asked: “Why was the top layer cut so short??”

“THIS IS MAD”, exclaimed one viewer.

Some commenters had suggestions to try to improve the hair.

“She should get layers to blend it better”, advised one viewer.

Another wrote: “I would’ve done a cute fade but keeping it long at the top and then restoring her curls in the longer piece.”

One viewer warned that wearing certain hairstyles can cause hair to grow unevenly, resulting in the choppy hair pictured in the video.

“It can go uneven from wearing high messy buns too often”, she cautioned.

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