Woman covers her bedroom floor in SAND because it ‘looks so cute’ but gets absolutely savaged for it

A WOMAN has been criticised for her home decor choices after covering her bedroom floor in 300lbs of sand.

She thinks her room is “literally so cute”, but thousands of viewers disagree, with some saying the final product is “upsetting”.

A Tiktok user, who goes only by the name @poopytoomuch, shared the process of filling her bedroom with 300lbs of sand.

In her first video documenting the process, which has racked up 2.9 million views, the woman said how much she loved the way her room looked.

She said: “I’m 150 pounds down, I think I’m gonna go get 150 more. 

“But it looks literally so cute. Oh my god, look how cute. Oh my goodness!”

Many people were very confused about how the woman could keep the sand from getting all over her bed and into her clothes.

After getting another 150lbs of sand, the viral Tiktok star explained how the sand functions in her bedroom.

She explained: “The sand that I got, it’s called play sand. It’s not very sticky.

“The sand is actually super easy to just dust off my feet before I get into bed. And there’s really not much sand in my bed.”

She even added that, before using sand to cover her floor, she would be annoyed by the dirt on her floor that wound up in her bed.

She explained: “So I have laminate wood floors, and I would sweep and mop all the time, but there would be dog hair and dirt and stuff from shoes and it would get all over my feet all the time. 

“And it got in my bed and it was kinda difficult.”

She said that she wouldn’t recommend a sand floor for everyone, but she loves it for herself. 

“I love it for me. Like I’m literally gonna go put on a bikini”, she said. 

Commenters could not believe their eyes and had lots of concerns and questions about the Tiktok user’s home decor decision.

“This is so truly upsetting. I don’t even know what to say. Oh my god”, wrote one viewer, while a second said: “By next week you’ll regret that so much.”

“Bro some of you need to not make your ideas into reality”, commented a third.

“This is truly my personal hell”, one viewer remarked, and another agreed: “This is my worst nightmare.”

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