Woman creates stunning living room feature wall using nothing but a Sharpie pen – The Sun

AN INTERIORS fan left fellow decor lovers astounded after she created a stunning shiplap-inspired feature wall with just a black marker.

North Carolina-based Madelyne Rose has been documenting her home renovation online, sharing little cost-effective decor titbits along the way on her social media – Frugal Farmhouse.

Yet, the DIY fan's living room transformation left many in awe after she revealed she created it using white paint, a level and a black oil-based paint Sharpie marker, which you can purchase for £3.50 on UK website Art From The Heart.

Taking to TikTok, the accountant shared a step-by-step guide on how she achieved the look, which would usually cost from £800 upwards to install, in a series of videos.

She explained that she painted her living room wall with two coats of white paint and said: "I started out by painting this wall flat white and then after that, which took about two coats, I marked my lines with pencil.

Madelyne spaced her lines five and half inches apart and used a level to make sure the lines were straight.

She shared: "After marking my lines with pencil I went over them with an oil-based Sharpie marker" and later added that she used a Sharpie marker with a medium point.

Later, the accountant explained in an Instagram post that she decided against installing the expensive shiplap wood as her living room backed onto her bathroom and worried about puncturing pipes.

She wrote: "I went this route because there’s a bathroom on the other side of this wall, so I wasn’t comfortable installing real shiplap.

"I prefer pipes without holes in them. Social distancing can be boring, but I don’t want to turn my house into a swimming pool."

The transformation received a flood of praise from fellow interior lovers on a budget, who branded the hack "awesome".

One penned: "Seriously just paint and a Sharpie?! That looks great".

"That is my kind of hack! You go girl," another commented. "You are literally a genius".

A fourth shared: "This is great my whole house is about to be Sharpie shiplap now!!!" (sic).

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