Woman shares clever way to ensure heat doesn't escape from your floorboards and it will cost you less than a tenner | The Sun

WE all know that stopping draughts is a quick and easy way to ensure your home stays warm this winter.

But there may be areas of your house that you've forgotten to block off – such as your floorboards.

Lyd took to TikTok to share the way she sealed the gaps in between her floorboards.

"PSA: The gaps in your floorboards can easily let heat out and therefore cost you more to keep your home warm," she wrote over her video.

"This is a super easy and cheap way to fix that."

"Its the small changes that count!" she added in the caption.

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In the comments section, Lyd revealed that the product she used was called DraftEx.

"They have a few different lengths and widths," she added.

" It does come with a roller but I found it unnecessary/obsolete."

DraftEx costs less than £10.

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"That’s actually not a bad idea," one person commented on the video.

"I’d be mindful that your cavity has ventilation underneath but apart from that, great idea!"

To which Lyd replied: "Totally, we’re fine and I’m only filling the large ones where I can feel the cool air.

"Defo something to look out for though!"

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"Heat rises so it will at least stop cold air from coming in from below," another added.

With Lyd responding: "That’s how I should’ve worded it!"

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