WOS RTW Spring 2021

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WOS designer Andrey Artyomov took his inspiration from Bashkortostan, a Muslim state of the Russian Federation from which his family originates. He splashed its national emblem and symbols across a lineup of easy silhouettes that nodded to the Nineties aesthetic of his childhood.

Pieces took their cues from the folk costumes from his homeland. The angled construction of shoulder lines, as well metallic sequins scattered on the bodice of a dress nodded to the monisto, a traditional garment sewn with coins worn by Baskhir women as a display of wealth. Poplin trousers owed their shape to a traditional men’s costume. The kurai flower, a hardy perennial that represents the country, and ram horns, symbolizing wealth and fertility, turned into abstract motifs printed on cotton dresses, stretch leggings and clingy funnel neck tops.

Elsewhere, texture clashes were meant as a wink to the more-is-more aesthetic of homes, like a plastic-looking parka in a gingham pattern, layered over a lace skirt and kurai-print bodysuit. “People love [to put] too many textures and colors in one interior. No minimalism here,” he said in a call.

WOS RTW Spring 2021

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Working his inspiration lightly, Artyomov avoided pastiche and turned their characteristics into selling points of an otherwise fetching contemporary lineup.

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