You need the eyes of an eagle to spot the snow leopard in less than ten seconds | The Sun

SOCIAL media users are wracking their brains in an attempt to find the snow leopard lurking in this photo – can you spot it in?

The phantom cat is hiding amongst the rocks and snow in this photo, but many can't find the animal in less than ten seconds.

The white snow is a stark contrast to the rocky side of the mountain, but the snow leopard seems to blend in seamlessly.

One person said: "Indeed a phantom… master of camouflage!"

Another self-proclaimed wildlife enthusiast said: "Took me 1-2 minutes to find.

"Such marvellous creatures and such an exceptional skill of deception."


You need to be cool as ice to spot the sneaky snow leopard in 5 seconds

Snow leopard blends in perfectly to mountain landscape – but can YOU spot it?

One user replied: "How can anyone locate it?"

Ready to have a go? While you search, why not try to spot the snow leopards and other animals in these deceptive photos?

Viewers have been left scratching their heads after attempting to find the elusive snow leopard in this image.

The photo initially appears to be a rocky landscape in Cura, India, snapped by avid photographer Sudhir Shivaram.

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But if you look closely, you can see the cunning predator lurking, searching for its next meal.

This image may seem eerily similar to the current photo you're searching through, but it's different – and a leopard is lying in wait.

The baffling photo was posted on Reddit by r/FindTheSniper challenging their followers to have a stab at finding the leopard.

The caption read: "Some snow leopards cover themselves in snow for a near-perfect camouflage like this one."

Or, check out this optical illusion to find the hidden dog in a pile of grey boulders.

At first glance, the optical illusion appears to show a cluster of grey rocks with patches of dirt.

But look closely, and you should be able to see the outline of a dog lying amongst the boulders.

Time's up! Did you manage to find the lurking predator? Fear not, because we've helped you find it below.

Look at the upper right hand corner of the image, amongst the rocks.

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You should be able to see the creature strutting down the rock face with ease.

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