You’ve been brushing your teeth all wrong – dentist warns scrubbing them too hard actually makes them MORE yellow

FROM a young age we're taught to brush our teeth for a strong, healthy,white set of chompers.

And often, if you notice your pearly whites looking a little more yellow than usual, you probably go in harder with your toothbrush to eliminate stains and discolouring.

But a dentist has warned against scrubbing them too hard, saying it can actually make your teeth MORE yellow.

Doctor Tristan Peh explained some dental hygiene dos and don'ts in a clip on TikTok, which he captioned: "Let's find out why we have yellow teeth."

He explained that your teeth will naturally discolour over time, due to the enamel wearing away.

The enamel is the outer layer of the teeth and is white in colour, but the next layer underneath, known as dentine, is actually yellow.

If the enamel wears away, Doctor Peh said the yellow will start to show through, so scrubbing your teeth harder will only make the issue worse.

"Many people think that brushing teeth harder make them whiter," he says in the clip.

"Brushing too hard wears away the white teeth enamel.

"When the enamel wears away, the teeth become more yellow and can also become more sensitive."

And adds: "So brush gently and use a softer brush."

The clip has racked up more than 150,000 views with many realising they've been making this mistake for years.

Naturally, many people wondered how to get the white layer back, with the dentist suggesting treatments or whitening products from your dentist which will help restore the colour.

On person admitted in the comments: "I used to think that if I brush harder my teeth will be more clean."

And the dentist replied: "Yes that's really what I see in my patients over my last 17 years as a dentist. A lot of people think that way."

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