You’ve been using your Pez dispenser all wrong… and you won’t believe how much time you’ve wasted

WHEN you see Pez dispensers, you instantly think of your childhood, but fans of the candy have been left fuming after finding out there was a much simpler way to fill them with sweets.

Most of us spent so much time painstakingly adding each individual sweet into the tubes that were topped with character heads – and it turns out we've been doing it all wrong.

A video doing the rounds on TikTok shows a quick trick that will have your Pez dispenser stocked in no time and people are claiming their childhoods are now "ruined".

In the clip, that has been watched over 3million times online, instead of adding the sweets one by one, the person loading their Pez simply inserts the whole tower of sweets – still wrapped – into the bottom of the dispenser.

Doing so pushes the plastic tube attached to the character head up and out from inside the dispenser and when that's pushed back down it cuts through the wrapper holding the sweets.

The wrapper falls out of the end of the dispenser, while the sweets stay stocked up inside the tube.

Mind blown? You're not the only one.

Thousands of people, almost 90k, commented on the post and couldn't believe the hack they had just watched.

"Now, WHY would no one tell us? Did they like watching us suffer while carefully placing each candy?" quizzed one person.

"So your telling me I didn't have to take them out and put them in one at a time (sic)," another said.


Sharing their frustrations, one more vented: "Me over here taking like ten minutes to put them in one by one," as another moaned: "My whole life was a lie…"

Floored by the revelation, one more added: "I feel my childhood was robbed from me!!!"

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