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A FASHION fan and stylist has shared her tip for washing jeans without leaving them stiff and crunchy. 

The stylist shared two methods for softening your clothes after they come out of the wash too stiff to put on.

In a TikTok video online Audree said: “How to make your clothes soft again after laundry day.”

The fashion fan explained jeans commonly air dry stiff after going through the wash. 

“You know when you let your clothing air dry sometimes it feels like paper afterwards. Especially denim, it is just so stiff and feels weird, here’s how to fix it.”

Audree says if you have a dryer you should add a tamp towel with the stiff clothes in the dryer for 10 minutes to soften them.

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“If you have a dryer accessible you can take these items and put them in the dryer with a tamp towel tumble dry for 10 minutes.”

“This is going to break up the fabric and make it feel soft again.”

If you don't have a dryer the fashion fan says you can use a steamer to add moisture to your clothes and denim. 

“But if you’re like me and you have to pay for your washer and dryer all you need is a steamer.” 

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“Similar to the dryer method , the steamer is going to bring some moisture back into the fabric.”

Audree explains fabric softener is ideal if your clothes keep coming out stiff after laundry. 

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“Sometimes this happens if you're using too much detergent so you can also use just a little fabric softener when you're washing your clothing.”

The fashion fan also added an iron will work well if you don't have a steamer.

“If you don't have a steamer you can also do this with an iron. Just put a damp hand towel on the clothing and then lightly iron it.”

After steaming half of her denim skirt Audree shared a side by side comparison showing the difference the steaming made to her skirt. 

“Here’s a side by side, this side does not have the steamer and it’s still very stiff and kind of crunchy."

“This side has a lot more movement, the fabric is already softened up and this is going to help you put your jeans back on too, it's just gonna make it a little bit easier.”

Audree’s laundry tip gained over 3,000 but it seems many users were less focused on Audree’s fashion tip and more concerned with her purple dress.

One user said: “Or just use a fabric softener like normal people do??

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Another said: “Let me quickly show you how to steam clothes before I head out to the ball tonight.”

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