Amir Khan says he ’would never allow’ his son to become a boxer: ‘I would never like to see him punched’

Professional boxer Amir Khan has admitted he “would never” allow his newborn son Zaviyar to follow in his footsteps in the future.

The 33 year old father of three exclusively opened up to OK! in a behind the scenes video with wife Faryal Makhdoom about his children’s career choices.

Amir, who is also dad to two daughters Lamaisah and Alayna, revealed he would forbid his son from stepping into the ring, as he has “taken the punches” for his kids.

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Speaking in the clip, Amir told us: “As a father, I like to be there for all my kids. I’m going to be very supportive and whatever they want to do I’ll be on their side."

He added: “I’ve been asked by a lot of people would you ever let him go in the boxing ring and fight. Look, I’ve done that for my kids, I’ve taken the punches for them and I would never like to see them punched in the face to be honest with you.

“But, if he wants to box – if Zaviyar says: ‘Look Daddy, I want to go to the boxing gym,’ I cannot stop him I will let him go there and let him pick what he wants to do himself.

“It’s a very tough sport to be in but like I said as a father I like to be there for all my kids. I’m going to be very supportive and whatever they want to do I’ll be on their side.”

Amir, who exclusively told us living in a separate house from his wife has made their relationship “stronger”, shared his pride over having a son.

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He told us: “I’m very proud now to have a son, it’s what I’ve always wanted.”

While his wife Faryal added: “Being with the family is the most exciting part of our day.”

Amir then continued: “Having a baby boy was like the icing on the cake, really, it was what I’ve always wanted and it’s completed the family for sure. We’ve got two beautiful girls, now, with a boy, I think that completes my whole family so I’m very happy with that.”

Amir’s wife Faryal gave birth to their third child, a baby boy, in February this year. The professional boxer announced the happy news as he posted a photo of himself holding his newborn son on his Instagram.

Sharing the news with his 1.3million followers, the I'm A Celeb star wrote in the caption: “My beautiful Son Muhammad Zaviyar Khan was born today 22/02/20 weighing 7lbs 12oz. #dadofthree #alhumdulilah #blessed”. [sic]

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NeNe Leakes’ Son Upsets Her With Not Doing Self-Distancing Despite Parents’ Health Issues

The ‘RHOA’ star’s son is risking her and Gregg of contracting Coronavirus because she used to have health issues with her lungs, while Gregg had just been declared cancer-free a few months ago.

AceShowbizNeNe Leakes and her family’s self-quarantine is going well until her youngest son Brent starts to ask his parents to allow him to go out briefly out of boredom. NeNe said yes but with several warnings, and it seemed like they were all gone ignored, upsetting the TV star.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star detailed the story on her recent Instagram Live. “First of all, I’m upset with my youngest son. And I’m upset because he had been doing good, he had been staying in since this whole thing started,” NeNe said. “And the last couple days, he said, ‘I really want to get out and go ride round.’ “

“His dad and I was like, ‘Okay. Just ride around, just get your car around and comeback. Do social distancing, Don’t talk to anybody, blablabla,’ ” she continued. “Today, he asked if he could go out again and when I called, I heard all the guys in the background. So I know that he was around guys.”

The 51-year-old then shared that she was pissed off because “after 8 o’clock, he just now headed this way–his curvew is 9. And he could have me or Gregg sick. That’s my whole thing.”

Criticizing young people, NeNe noted, “A lot of young people don’t understand how serious this is. Especially, for someone that has had some sort of health issue in the past. So I’m not here not only am I going to be screaming at Brent, I’m talking to all young people that say some of the things that Brent has said to me. He said to me that ‘you guys are just reading too much stuff.’ “

Later, she revealed that she asked Gregg to talk with him “or I’m going to be telling him, ‘Do not comeback in the house. Like, you have to go somewhere else.’ “

NeNe has the right to be concerned because she used to have health issues with her lungs. Additionally, Gregg had just been declared cancer-free a few months ago.

NeNe isn’t the only one who is struggling with children who refuse to do self-distancing. Prior to this, Luenell shared on Instagram that she made a heartbreaking decision to kick her daughter Da’Nell out of home because she’s not taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously and thus risking her parents.

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Angelina Jolie ‘keeps children with her’ as they social distance separately from Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie has brought all her children back together to social distance with her amid the coronavirus outbreak, as the custody battle between her and Brad Pitt rumbles on, according to reports.

The Maleficent actress, 44, is said to be “enjoying family time” with her children she shares with 56 year old ex Brad Pitt; Maddox, 18, Pax, 16, Zahara, 15, Shiloh, 13, and 11-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

A source has told E! news how the six children are staying with their mum while they stay in their home, like the rest of the world during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The insider said: “All the kids are home with Angelina but they have continued seeing Brad and go over for their regular visits.”

The mole added how Maddox’s university Yonsei University in South Korea has extended its online lessons until the middle of April, and the 18 year old is learning from home alongside the rest of the children.

“They are keeping up with their schoolwork, practicing their languages, playing instruments, board games and helping cook dinner," the insider continued. “It hasn't been too much of an adjustment since they are used to doing their schoolwork at home.”

Although it’s a difficult time for some families, the six children are said to be “loving” spending time with their mum at home.

They added: “They are having a lot of family time and just hanging out together watching movies.”

It comes after Angelina reportedly banned Brad’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, from seeing their children following reports the pair had reignited their romance after a cosy display at the SAG Awards.

An insider is alleged to have told New Zealand magazine Woman’s Day how Angelina is asking for “sole custody” of her and Brad’s children.

According to the Woman’s Day report, obtained by Celebrity Insider: “Angelina has privately demanded that Jen be banned from seeing her kids.

“And to add insult to injury, she has filed for a new child custody evaluation against Brad.

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“It’s come as a huge shock to everyone — including the kids.”

The insider added: “Brad has just started to feel like his life was back on track after three years of hell and he was hoping the divorce would be finalized by May. [sic]

“So this latest curveball has got him questioning what else he could possibly do to prove the kids are his number one priority.”

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Big Sean Drops Trailer For New Album ‘Detroit 2’

On the occasion of his 32nd birthday, rapper Big Sean gifted his fans with news of his forthcoming album.

Titled Detroit 2, the new collection is slated to drop in April of 2020 and received a special, 2-minute trailer, in which the singer is captured in his hometown of Detroit.

“I’ve been going back and listening to music that impacted me growing up,” Big Sean shares in the clip, which also features an appearance by Young Thug in the recording studio. “You know, songs that I heard on the radio every day, but I didn’t even realize it was popping in Detroit.”

“What’s crazy is the things that I thought would destroy me came full-circle to fuel me,” he adds.

The title of the album is a reference to his widely acclaimed 2012 mixtape, Detroit, which featured collaborations with artists of the likes of J. Cole, Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa, and Jhené Aiko, among others.

The new album will be the follow-up to his 2017 effort, I Decided.

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Does Adrienne Bailon Regret Her Relationship With Rob Kardashian?

It’s been more than a decade since Rob Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon called it quits. But their short-lived romance will forever be part of the Kardashian history.

Despite only being together for two years, Kardashian and Bailon made a lasting impression on fans. So much so that Keeping Up With the Kardashians stans were heartbroken when the pair went their separate ways in 2009.

While breaking up proved to be the best decision for the couple, we wonder, does Bailon regret her romance with the reality star?

Bailon wishes people would stop associating her with the Kardashians

If you’ve been tuning into KUWTK since the beginning, then you most likely remember when Rob Kardashian dated Adrienne Bailon from 2007 to 2009.

Though it seemed like the celebrities were a match made in heaven during the early days of their relationship, their romance proved to be tumultuous.

In addition to their constant arguments, Kardashian also cheated on the actress, which prompted her to end their relationship.

While many people — including Kardashian — wanted the pair to rekindle their relationship, Bailon didn’t want to go down that path again.

Not because she was no longer in love with the reality star, but because she was tired of living in the Kardashian family’s shadow.

In a 2018 interview with Us Weekly, The Real co-host revealed that being associated with the reality star and his family hindered people from acknowledging her accomplishments outside of that specific point in her dating history.

“I was like, ‘Guys, but I’ve accomplished other things,’” she told the outlet. “And I think that even got misinterpreted as me saying at some point I wish I had never done the show. I don’t think it was that at all … I just was annoyed that people tried to say that that was the only thing I had accomplished. … So that was a sucky spot in my career.”

Bailon admits that being cheated on will always have an affect on her

Though they experienced good times together, Bailon and Kardashian’s romance reached a point of no return after she found out he had cheated on her.

While that was the last time she faced infidelity issues in a relationship, Bailon admitted in 2016 that getting cheated on has had a lasting impact on her self-esteem.

“I will say this, I think anyone who has been in a relationship where they’ve been cheated on or hurt, it affects you,” she said during an episode of The Real. “It affected me so much that I made it a conscious decision not to do that to the next person because when you experience the kind of hurt that being cheated on will make you question yourself. “

She added, “With that being said, being cheated on will make you question yourself. ‘Was I not pretty enough? Was I not sexy enough? Am I not thin enough? Do I need to do more crunches?’ I mean, you will drive yourself insane and sadly sometimes the next person pays for what the last person does.”

Does Bailon regret her relationship with Kardashian?

Though her relationship with Kardashian was pretty messy (to say the least), Bailon’s experience with tumultuous romances ended once she called it quits from the reality star.

In August 2016, the Cheetah Girls star got engaged to musician Israel Houghton in front of the Eiffel Tower, after just six months of dating.

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You. Me. Oui.

A post shared by Adrienne Eliza Houghton (@adriennebailon) on

Then in November 2016, the couple exchanged nuptials in an intimate ceremony in Paris in front of family and friends.

Since then, the couple has remained happily married and continue to fall more in love as the years pass.

Though Bailon’s road to happiness wasn’t easy in the slightest, she held out and found her prince charming in Houghton.

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Forever Grateful ✨ @israelhoughton

A post shared by Adrienne Eliza Houghton (@adriennebailon) on

As for whether or not she regrets her relationship with Kardashian, that remains unclear. But had she never experienced those ups and downs with the reality star, who’s to tell if Bailon would have found happiness with Houghton?

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John Legend Covers Selena Gomez at Luna's Stuffed Animal Wedding

John Legend found himself playing wedding singer on Sunday. 

The GRAMMY-winner performed a slowed-down, emotion-filled cover of Selena Gomez’s “Hands to Myself” at the wedding his daughter, Luna, threw for her stuffed animals. It all went down on Instagram Live, with Chrissy Teigen officiating the nuptials. 

The model and cookbook author hilariously shared on her Instagram that the wedding — which the family had planned the day before — was “running a little behind.” “The bride is freaking out,” she joked, calling the event the “wedding of the century.” 

“We’re excited. It’s a beautiful day. It’s a good day for a wedding,” she continued. “I don’t know how many of you have been to a wedding between two stuffed animals, but what I’ve found is they are everlasting.”

Teigen and Legend — who rented a house on the beach as they quarantine with their family amid the coronavirus pandemic — helped their 3-year-old daughter set up an aisle for her stuffed animals to walk down outside. The setting was just right for the occasion, with “guests” like Luna’s 1-year-old brother, Miles, and grandma, Vilailuck, attending. 

“Thank you for gathering here today on this very special day,” Teigen said as she began officiating. “It’s a beautiful day — well deserved in what has become 26 weeks of an incredible relationship.”

“It was unexpected at first, as there were many different animals in the house, but who knew that Chloe and Nosh would get along so well?” she asked. “They’ve loved each other since the first second they laid eyes on one another and they’ve never spent a night apart.”

After that, it was time for Legend’s performance of the stuffed animals’ “favorite song,” “Hands to Myself.” 

Chloe and Nosh said “I do,” but their reception will have to wait for later. “Everyone fell asleep so it’ll be tonight!” Teigen explained on Twitter. 

Legend and Teigen have been keeping themselves — and their fans — entertained as they self-quarantine. See more in the video below. 

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Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Are Teaching Each Other New Skills While In Quarantine

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are learning new things!

The cute couple are teaching each other some skills while under quarantine at her home in Miami, Fla.

Camila shared a photo on her Instagram Story of herself holding a guitar and captioned it on what they are doing with their time.

“Shawn is teaching me this and I’m teaching him Spanish, in the words of dababy, LETS GOOOO,” she wrote.

Shawn and Camila have been getting some fresh air by going on walks together. See the latest photos of Shawmila!

Camila also recently announced that she has had to postpone her upcoming tour due to the health crisis.

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Stacey Solomon drops massive hint she will have another baby soon as she lusts over Joe Swash

Stacey Solomon has dropped a giant hint that she may get pregnant again soon as she swooned over her boyfriend Joe Swash.

The 30 year old, who was among the ITV Daytime stars that thanked the NHS for their hard work battling the coronavirus, took to her Instagram Stories to share several clips and photos of her other half cleaning.

In one clip, her 38 year old boyfriend could be seen wiping down their glass sliding doors that lead to their garden with Etta James' hit song I Just Want To Make Love To You playing in the background.

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She wrote over it: "Maybe it's the lockdown but I'm pretty sure he's never looked sexier," alongside a laughing emoji.

The Loose Women panellist, who recently enjoyed a romantic date night in her garden while in isolation, then showed her before-and-after photos of how good a job Joe did in cleaning the windows.

She followed this up by sharing a picture of Joe, who she shares ten month old Rex with, in the kitchen holding a bottle of window spray and a squeegee as he smiled to the camera.

Stacey, who was obviously feeling quite broody at the time, wrote over it: "This is how we ended up pregnant the last time," with a laughing emoji and a white heart emoji.

It comes as the TV personality recently admitted she was "s***ting herself" after Boris Johnson, who recently tested positive for coronavirus, introduced new measures as part of the UK lockdown.

In a speech on the evening of 23 March, the Prime Minister said people must stay at home unless they need to go out to get basic necessities, daily exercise, medical needs, or they're travelling to and from essential work.

He told all shops selling non-essential goods to shut down and also decided to enforce a strict rule against social gatherings in public of more than two people who do not live together.

If people go against these new set of rules, the police will intervene through fines and dispersing of gatherings. The lockdown will be reviewed in three weeks' time.

Stacey immediately took to her Instagram Stories to speak to her 3 million followers about the situation as she said: "I've just watched the Prime Minister's speech and I just wanted to say that if anyone else out there is absolutely s***ting themselves you are not on your own.

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"It's such a scary time at the minute and I'm going to do everything I can to be as upbeat and positive as possible on here.

"And maybe even think of things we can do all do together to try and take our minds off of everything. I know that isn't going to make a difference or change anything but it's such scary times. I just feel like we should just do whatever we can."

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Eminem ‘proud’ of daughter Hailie as she builds life with boyfriend

Eminem may be one of the most successful rappers in history but he admits his ‘proudest’ achievement is being a father. 

The Godzilla rapper shares daughter Hailie, 23, with his ex-wife Kimberly Scott, while he adopted her daughter Whitney from a previous relationship, and also cared for her niece’s daughter Alaina. 

During an appearance on Mike Tyson’s Hot Boxin’ podcast, Eminem opened up about his life as a father which he tends to keep fairly private. 

‘Hailie is 23, no babies, she has a boyfriend, but she’s doing good, she’s made me proud for sure, she’s graduated from college,’ Em told the retired boxer. 

Hailie is in a serious relationship with Evan McClintock whom she is believed to have started dating in 2016. The couple met at Michigan State University where Hailie studied psychology and Evan economics. 

The day Eminem becomes a grandfather is the day we’ll officially feel old. 

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Feeling extra lucky today ☘️

A post shared by Hailie Jade (@hailiejade) on

Opening up about his other daughters, Eminem said: ‘It definitely is crazy.

‘I have a niece that I have helped raise too that’s pretty much like a daughter to me and she is 26. And I have a younger one that’s 17 now.

‘So when I think about my accomplishments that’s probably the thing I’m the most proud of is that – is being able to raise kids.’

Aw, who thought Eminem could be so sentimental? 

The Lose Yourself rapper went on to explain how the idea that money makes people happy is ‘bulls**t’. 

‘It’s important to keep your kids grounded when they’re in a situation like I have, it’s very important,’ he told Tyson. 

Em continued: ‘As a kid never felt like I was good enough, no matter what I did. It’s a psychological thing, for anyone who feels worthless in this world. Anybody that feels that and then finds something they’re actually good at, that’s what makes somebody go for that so hard.

‘Like, “I was never good at nothing, and I’m good at this?” People also think too that money just buys happiness, that absolutely is not the truth. You’ve got to be right inside otherwise none of this s**t means nothing.’ 

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Kelly Ripa Admits She’s Heartbroken For Eva LaRue After Her Ex-Husband John Callahan Dies

Kelly Ripa, like many of her ‘All My Children’ costars, wrote a tearful tribute to her castmate John Callahan after his tragic passing.

Kelly Ripa, 49, has known John Callahan and his ex-wife Eva LaRue, 53, for decades as they all costarred on AMC back in the 90’s. So it came as no surprise that she would speak out about his death in such a passionate way which she did on her Instagram hours after he died at the age of 66 on Saturday, March 28. She posted a photo of John & Eva when they were pregnant with their now 18-year-old daughter Kaya at a red carpet event that came with a truly saddening caption. “Because there are no words, all I can muster is Rest In Peace #johncallahan. My heart breaks for you @evalarue and @kaya_callahan.” Kelly’s husband Mark Consuelos, 48, responded to her words in the comments section with, “RIP Johnny numbers. ‘There’s cash..-and then there’s cash, cash.’ JC.”

John, who starred on All My Children for thirteen years as fan-favorite Edmund Grey, was married to Eva from 1996 to 2005. Kaya, born in December 2001, was their only child together. He passed away after he suffered from a massive stroke at his home in Palm Desert, California. “May Flights of Angels Wing You to Your Rest my Dear Friend. Your bigger than life, gregarious personality will leave a hole in our hearts forever,” Eva wrote in her own Instagram post that included a pictorial of many moments shared by the family-of-three.

Other stars from the iconic soap series have spoken out in the aftermath of John’s passing. Sarah Michelle Gellar, 42, who was part of the AMC family between 1993-1995, shared a touching tribute to him on her Instagram. “Get past the horrible eyebrows on me and you will notice the incredibly handsome man, standing beside, me at my high school graduation,” she wrote next to a photo of them together in the early 90’s. “That’s #JohnCallahan or better know to me as GP (but why I called him that remains between us and those closest to him). He stepped into a lot of moments in my life because I didn’t have a father to be there.”

The Last First Home Game😢! OMG, where did the time go! #senioryear @topteentraveler #varsitycheer #johncallahan

A post shared by Eva LaRue (@evalarue) on

John had a long history in the world of daytime television that dated all the way back to 1984 when he made his soap debut on General Hospital. He later appeared in Amazon Prime Video’s The Bay and Days of Our Lives. John also co-hosted the Lifetime series Weddings of a Lifetime in 1995 and the Miss America pageant in 1997 with Eva. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones during this difficult time.

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