Prince William: When was Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health filmed?

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Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health is a new BBC documentary featuring Prince William airing on BBC One at 8.05pm tonight (Thursday, May 28). Here’s everything you need to know about the programme, including when it was filmed for the channel.

When was Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health filmed?

Prince William will front a new documentary examining mental health on the BBC tonight (May 28)

This will air on BBC One just after the weekly Clap for Carers initiative at 8pm.

The new film focuses on men’s mental health through the lens of football.

In order to tell this story, the documentary follows Prince William as he meets some famous faces in football.


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Filming of the show took place over the course of a year and first began with the 2019 BBC One film A Royal Team Talk.

Viewers may remember this saw Prince William having a candid conversation about the importance of men’s mental health and mental fitness with some well-known footballers.

The new documentary features Prince William meeting with players, fans and managers to take the conversation of mental health to football.

Part of this involves telling stories of various men who have experienced or are experiencing mental health struggles.

This includes the former England goalkeeper Joe Hart who reveals his struggles with the decline in his career on a very public stage.

However, the film also features a number of grassroots footballers as well, including a group of bereaved fathers who use their local football team as a support network.

Other famous faces set to appear in the film include former footballer Marvin Sordell who speaks about his depression.

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard also tells Prince William how he struggled to speak about mental health as a player.


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In a clip for the show, Sordell is seen speaking to Prince William about becoming a dad for the first time while struggling with his mental health.

In response, the royal confided about the difficulty he had losing his mother Diana, Princess of Wales at a young age.

He said: “When you’ve been through something traumatic in life, and that is as you say your dad not being around, my mother dying when I was younger, your emotions come back in leaps and bounds.

“Because it’s a very different phase of life and there’s no one there to help you.

“And I definitely found it at times very overwhelming. Me and Catherine particularly we support each other.

“We go through those moments together and we evolve and learn together.”


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Sordell also appeared on Good Morning Britain to speak about the upcoming documentary as well.

The former footballer revealed how his depression was so bad he even attempted suicide.

He said: “I’ve been very open about that experience and my whole experience with depression and a suicide attempt as well.

“Because I think it’s very important that you can see that you can overcome it, that you can get to a better place.”

Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health airs on BBC One at 8.05pm tonight.

For support on any issues related to suicide, call the Samaritans in the UK 116 123.

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Coronation Street's Beverley Callard 'visited on set by ghost of Deirdre Barlow'

Coronation Street’s Beverley Callard has spoken about missing her beloved co-star Anne Kirkbride – revealing the Deirdre Barlow star’s spirit is still felt on set. 

Beverley, who has been playing Liz McDonald since 1983, has revealed that some of her biggest memories on the set is from Anne, who passed away in 2015 from breast cancer. 

But despite her death, Liz believes that she can still sense her around – and even gets visits from her. 

Speaking to Daily Star, she said: ‘I had been doing quite a lot of filming at the Barlow’s set and it’s a weird feeling. 

‘She was there in spirit, most definitely, her photos are on the shelves and you can’t go on the set without saying, “Oh, I hope you’re here with me”. 

‘I know she visits us.’ 

Beverley used to share a dressing room with the Corrie icon, and after Anne’s death ensured that her name plaque remained in her memory. 

She added that she hopes that, when Beverley says goodbye to the cobbles later this year, that it will remain as a memorial to the classic character and actress. 

Her comment comes two years since Bill Roache, who played Deirdre’s on/off love Ken Barlow, said something similar, adding that he could still feel his co-star of 40 years around. 

He told RadioTimes in 2018: ‘Even now, I can still feel her around. It’s very powerful, particularly at the Barlows’, where Ken and Deirdre were called upon to do a lot of crying and shouting. 

‘But I know all is well for her. And you get to the point where you can think about the happy times and enjoy them.’

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‘NCIS’: What Lauren Holly Thought of Michael Weatherly When They First Met

Former NCISstar Lauren Holly joined the cast as Director Jenny Shepard in 2005. Here’swhat she once said about working with Michael Weatherly.

‘NCIS’ creator Don Bellisario said Lauren Holly brought ‘sophistication’ and ‘beauty’ to her role

“Lauren’s done a great job,” said NCIS creator DonaldBellisario. “Lauren has kind of had to cowboy up to become a director, youknow. Lauren is used to playing a softer, pretty girl kind of role, prettywoman kind of role. And so, playing this, through the third season, I wasconstantly telling Lauren to, you know, you gotta be tough. It’s not her natureto be tough. But she really got it.”

Although the role was challenging for Holly, Bellisarioseemed happy with her performance. In a 2007 interview with CBS, he describedher work as sophisticated and beautiful. He was also pleased to have morefemale characters on the show.

 “Lauren brings asophistication and a beauty to [the role] that is just wonderful,” saidBellisario. “I want to get more females in the show. I love having the threewomen on the show, and I’m sure all the guys do, too.”

Lauren Holly was tempted to ‘go toe-to-toe’ with Michael Weatherly

Holly told CBS she thought Weatherly was very funny when theyfirst met. However, she said she had difficulty not using her comedic stylewhen she began working with her co-star. Weatherly is known for being quite thejokester, so she wanted to joke along with him during her scenes. However, shesays she learned to adjust the style she was used to and dive into her role asShepard. This was important because Shepard is a serious character.

“When you work with people like Michael Weatherly, and he’sso talented and so funny, if I have scenes with Michael, I so want to gotoe-to-toe with him and do that,” Holly said. “And it’s so hard for me,especially with so much of my background being in comedy, not to do that. Butit’s rewarding that I don’t.”

Weatherly described the addition of Holly as a big win forthe cast. “The addition of Lauren Holly to the cast of NCIS is sort oflike when the Yankees in the 70s brought in Reggie Jackson from Oakland,” Weatherlytold CBS. “Lauren in person is about as far away from the director as you canget, and Cotede Pablo is about as far away from Israeli assassin as you can get. But theway they approach the material is unbeatable. So, you have two actresses thatare doing a phenomenal job.”

Mark Harmon put in a good word for Lauren Holly

Holly says MarkHarmon helped make the transition smoother for her after she was hired. Helet the cast know he worked with Holly before, and he could vouch for her work.

“I think maybe they were a little more welcoming than they would have been because Mark, who is like the captain of the ship, said, ‘I’ve worked with her, I love her, I wanted her here.’ So, that always helps.”

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Sweet Magnolias season 2 Netflix release date: Will there be another series?

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Sweet Magnolias is a popular new romance drama series on Netflix, which is based on a series of novels by Sherryl Woods. The emotional series follows a group of friends who rely on each other to get through dark times in their lives. has everything you need to know about whether there will be a season 2 of Sweet Magnolias.

WARNING: This story contains spoilers for Sweet Magnolias 

When is Sweet Magnolias season 2 out?

The first season of Sweet Magnolias landed on Netflix on May 19, 2020, and fans of the novels were excited to see the friends on the small screen.

As the series has only been out for a short time, it is too early to say whether a second season will be given the green light.

Netflix will most likely wait a few more weeks to see how many people tuned in for the first series, before making a decision.

If a season two is given the go-ahead, fans can expect to see it in the summer of 2021, however, due to coronavirus restrictions it may be a little later in the year.

With plenty of novels to use for source material, there is definitely scope for more episodes.


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Who will be in the cast of Sweet Magnolias season 2?

One of the main characters, Maddie Townsend, is played by JoAnna Garcia Swisher and she is likely to return for another season.

Her friend Dana Sue Sullivan, who owns a restaurant, is played by Brook Elliott and the third friend, Helen Decatur, is played by Heather Headley.

Other main characters include the sister of pop sensation Britney Spears – Jamie Lynn Spears – as Noreen Fitzgibbons, the fiancee of Maddie’s ex-husband Bill (Chris Klein).

The main cast members have all spoken out in favour of a second season, with Spears telling The Sun she had her “fingers crossed”.

Garcia Swisher posted on her Instagram account to say the series had been the number one top trending show on Netflix in the US.

She said: “Woke up this morning to this news! I’m blown away. This week has been so exciting for the whole @sweetmagnoliasnetflix family.

“To be able to open the doors to Serenity and share our little slice of life with all of you has been so wonderful. And as overwhelmingly ecstatic we are to be in this spot, it is all because of you.”

Is there a trailer for Sweet Magnolias season 2?

Sadly as an official release date has not yet been given for season two, there is no trailer at this moment in time.

Netflix usually drops trailers the month before a new season is due to air, so fans may have to wait until next year.

With the coronavirus outbreak grinding production on many Netflix series to a halt, it is difficult to say when a first glimpse of season two will be out. will update this series when a trailer becomes available, and Netflix may also issue a short teaser in the near future.

Fans who have already fallen in love with the inspirational series have called for a second season.

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What will happen in Sweet Magnolias season 2?

The TV show is based on a series of novels of the same name by Sherryl Woods, and each novel has a different title.

Woods said on Twitter that the first season was made up of the first three books, which means there are eight more books to work with.

If fans want to know more about what to expect from the new seasons, their best bet is to start reading the novels.

The series ended on a huge cliffhanger with Maddie’s son Kyle (Logan Allen) having been in a car crash, and there is someone else in the back seat.

Fans were left wondering who was in the car with Kyle, who was dragged out from the wreckage, as the season ends before their identity is revealed.


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Fans have already taken to Twitter to aks for a second season, with one viewer saying: “I hope Maddie doesn’t take back her cheating ex who has a baby on the way and works things out with the coach.

“I hope Helen ends up with Erik and I need to know who the second person in that car was. Also is Dana Sue Isaac’s mom?! I need a second season ASAP #SweetMagnolias.”

Another fan said: “Sweet Magnolias is playing my life with this cliffhanger. Season 2 needs to come out tomorrow. The suspense is killing me. #SweetMagnolias.”

Hundreds of viewers shared and retweeted the official Sweet Magnolias Twitter post asking who had already watched all 10 episodes.

Judging by the popularity of the series, there is definitely a chance the friends will be back for more adventures in Serenity.

Sweet Magnolias is available to watch on Netflix now

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Paatal Lok season 2 release date: Will there be another series?

Hindi crime thriller series Paatal Lok went down a storm with fans but many were left disappointed as there were just nine episodes in the first season. The Amazon Prime drama was released in one-go on Friday, May 15 and there could be more episodes in the making. Here’s everything you need to know about the future of Paatal Lok.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Paatal Lok.

This gritty crime thriller tells the story of police officer Hathiram Chaudhary (played by Jaideep Ahlawat).

Bored of his life and his career, Hathiram has become lazy on the job until a high-profile case comes his way.

He is given the task of leading the investigation into an assassination attempt on a TV journalist in Delhi.

Hathiram needs to find out what exactly happened and who was behind the sinister plot.

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During his investigation, Hathiram manages to catch four convicts who are connected to the crime.

But while interrogating them, he discovers the dark truths of society he had previously foreseen.

As the case progresses, he starts to feel more confident in his abilities and starts appreciating his meaningful career.

By the end of the series, Hathiram realises he is content with life and that he was born to be a police officer, cleaning the streets of crime and protecting the innocent.

Will there be another series of Paatal Lok?

So far, Paatal Lok has not been given the green light for a second series.

The thriller was only released a couple of weeks ago so it is still very early days.

Amazon Prime will first look at the popularity of the show and the viewing figures before making an announcement about the show’s future.

However, the cast and crew are remaining hopeful that there will be another series on its way.

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Actor Jaideep Ahlawat, who plays Hathiram, told PinkVilla said: “Yes, there is a strong possibility of season two happening, more so, it could already be in the works.

“I have gotten a hint that Sudip has already begun writing its script.

“I wish it happens soon and I get to work again with my co-stars.”

Actor and producer Anushka Sharma also commented on a series two of Paatal being in the making.


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Talking to PTI, Sharma said: “You have to wait and watch to know more about season two.

“I don’t want to divulge too much but let’s just say it’s quite possible.

“It’s too early to talk about it but yes if Amazon is willing to do it, definitely there will be a second season.

“We have always stayed true to stories that we want to tell and we will continue to do that.

“We hope for similar appreciation in the future as well.”

Paatal Lok season 1 is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

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Ruby Rose Speaks Out on Batwoman Exit: 'It Wasn't an Easy Decision'

Former Batwoman star Ruby Rose has taken to social media to thank fans for their support… and to hint at why she left the show in the first place.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, accompanied by a fan-made video, Rose — who quit the CW superhero drama last week — said: “Thank you everyone for coming on this journey. If I mentioned everyone it would be 1000 tags… but Thank you to the cast, crew, producers and studio.” She added that “it wasn’t an easy decision but those who know, know. I didn’t want to not acknowledge everyone involved and how big this was for TV and for our community. I have stayed silent because that’s my choice for now but know I adore you all. I’m sure next season will be amazing also.”

Rose did not directly address reports that she balked at the long hours required to star in a weekly TV series and never acclimated to life in Vancouver, where Batwoman is shot. But her saying that “those who know, know” and that “I have stayed silent because that’s my choice for now” seems to imply she still has her own story to tell regarding her abrupt departure.

Batwoman has already been renewed for a second season, and Rose’s lead role of Kate Kane/Batwoman will be recast with an LGBTQ actress, according to producers Berlanti Prods. and Warner Bros. Television. “[We] thank Ruby for her contributions to the success of our first season and wish her all the best,” the two companies said in an earlier statement.

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People Can't Decide Which MCU Character Had the Best Funeral

Fighting the most dangerous and evil villains in the universe is a dangerous job. The superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are willing to risk anything and everything to protect what they love, accept, and understand the reality that they may die at any moment. Normally it is the villains that meet their fateful ends, but there have been many heroic endings throughout the MCU’s 23 movie run. These characters who die in the service of saving the universe are honored with a funeral fit for a true hero. Recently, fans took to Reddit to discuss the best funeral scenes from the MCU.

A few honorable mention deaths before the three most memorable funerals in the MCU 

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Prince N’Jobu- The tragic death of N’Jobu at the hand of his brother set the stage for one of the most emotional and powerful showdowns in Marvel history: the Black Panther T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) vs. his cousin Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan). 

Gamora- Watching Gamora (Zoe Saldana) beg and plead her adoptive father Thanos (Josh Brolin) to spare her life was a harsh gut-punch for MCU fans. Thanos killed his daughter to receive the Soul Stone and the power he desired above all, but at what cost. 

Black Widow- To receive the Soul Stone, one must sacrifice a loved one. For close friends Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), the choice of who should sacrifice the other is impossible. Eventually, Natasha sacrifices herself, so Barton can save the universe and his family. Unlike Thanos’ murder of Gamora, Hawkeye has no evil desire in receiving the Infinity Stone. Black Widow’s death is a major loss for the Avenger team. Luckily fans will be able to see Black Widow one more time, in her delayed upcoming film. 

These deaths were extremely emotional for fans, and each character deserves a funeral worthy of their sacrifice.  

Yondu’s explosive funeral 

One of the most memorable funerals in MCU history was for Yondu Udonta (Michael Rooker). Marvel fans were first introduced to the blue scavenger in Guardians of the Galaxy, as the not-so-friendly father figure of Peter Quill (Chris Pratt). Yondu dies while protecting the Guardians of the Galaxy from Quill’s destructive biological father/living planet Ego. After being shunned from the Ravager for decades, the captain of the Eclector received the Ravager send-off he deserved. They all came even though he was always mean. And stole batteries he didn’t need. The colorful outer-space firework display is one of the most beautiful moments in the Marvel films. Yondu may have lived a life of questionable morality full of crime, kidnapping, and thievery, but he died as a hero. 

Peggy Carter’s devastating funeral 

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One of the more tragic relationships in the MCU was between the founder of S.H.I.E.L.D Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), and Captain America Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). Carter was one of the most effective spies in S.H.I.E.L.D. history, but lost her dance-partner and true love before they could be together. The two were able to have a short time when Rogers was unfrozen, but at that point Carter was an old woman and close to death. Carter’s funeral in Captain America: Civil War was a reminder of the lost time between the heroic couple. The funeral scene itself is beautiful and a celebration of the amazing accomplishments of Carter’s life. It also served a reminder to Rogers that he must fight for what he believes in, even if his closest allies disagree. Luckily, they were able to live an alternate version of their lives together thanks to the heroic sacrifice of one Avenger, which is perhaps the most emotional death in the entire MCU series. 

Tony Stark’s series-defining funeral

Of all the funerals in the history of the MCU, Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) resonates the most with fans. After the thrilling and epic battle against Thanos, Stark succumbed to the injuries caused by the power of the Infinity Stones. At his funeral, characters throughout the entire span of the Marvel Cinematic Universe came together to mourn and celebrate the life of both Iron Man and Tony Stark. The moment between Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) and Tony’s daughter Morgan Stark (Lexi Rabe) is one of the most heart-breaking scenes in MCU history. Iron Man’s sacrifice was necessary to protect the entire universe, and provide a better world for his friends and family. The funeral also acted as a sort of memorial for the phase of the series of Marvel films, which began with Iron Man in 2008. Marvel fans will love you 3000 always, Mr. Stark. As Marvel begins a new phase, full of new heroes and villains, it will be interesting who will live, and die, as the new leaders and enemies of the continuing Avengers saga. 

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Corrie fans heartbroken as Oliver Battersby suffers brain damage

Coronation Street fans have been left heartbroken, after it was confirmed that young Oliver Battersby has suffered brain damage.

Leanne Tilsley (Jane Danson) and Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) were brought into Dr Ward’s (Zitta Sitar) office after worrying that their son was struggling to focus on anything.

After conducting some tests, Dr Ward invited Leanne and Steve into the office, where she informed them that Oliver’s trouble focusing is a result of damage caused to the brain following his prolonged seizure.

Given that they don’t yet have a definitive diagnosis yet — although Dr Ward does think he might have mitochondrial disease — it’s hard to make predictions, but she reiterated that Oliver might not get back to where was developmentally.

While Leanne is determined to stay positive, Dr Ward confirmed there’s a high chance the damage will be permanent.

‘Poor, poor Oliver,’ another wrote, while one more said: ‘Omg this is breaking my heart. I can’t believe that Oliver might have permanent brain damage.’

What is mitochondrial disease?

Mitochondrial diseases result from failures of the mitochondria, specialized compartments present in every cell of the body (except red blood cells).

Mitochondria are responsible for creating more than 90% of the energy needed by the body to sustain life and support organ function. When they fail, less and less energy is generated within the cell. Cell injury and even cell death follow. If this process is repeated throughout the body, whole organ systems begin to fail.

The parts of the body, such as the heart, brain, muscles and lungs, requiring the greatest amounts of energy are the most affected.

Symptoms vary depending on the organ(s) affected but may include seizures, atypical cerebral palsy, autistic features, developmental problems, fainting and temperature instability.

According to The Lily Foundation, the prognosis depends upon the severity of the disease and other criteria. As more research funds are raised to find more effective treatments and ultimately a cure, some of the affected children and adults are living fairly normal lives with mitochondrial disease.

In other cases, children may not be able to see, hear, talk or walk. Affected children may not survive beyond their teenage years. Adult onset can result in drastic changes from an active lifestyle to a debilitating ilness is a short amount of time.

Treatment plans vary from patient to patient but involve therapies, diet changes and other means to try and slow the progress of the disease.

You can find out more information from the NHS here.

‘Oliver’s storyline is already so heartbreaking,’ another pointed out.

Corrie boss Iain MacLeod previously opened up about Oliver being diangosed with mitochondrial disease, telling the storyline will be ‘multifaceted’ and aims to ‘draw attention to families’ struggles’ with the relatively common disease.

He said: ‘The fundamental component is Leanne’s love for her son and willingness to move mountains to save him.

‘It’s really passionate and heartfelt, the cast are right behind it. Jane has been talking to charity partners about how Leanne is feeling she wants to get it right. We all do.’

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'90 Day Fiancé': Colt Johnson Asks His Date For Sex, Battles His Ex On the New Season of 'Happily Ever After'

Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima had one of the most notorious—and tumultuous—relationships ever on TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé. From three domestic violence arrests to arguments with Colt’s mom, Debbie Johnson, Colt and Larissa’s marriage never seemed to get off the ground.

On the upcoming fifth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Larissa and Colt continue their journey as a newly-divorced couple. While Larissa deals with the legal aftermath of her arrests, gets a new boyfriend (Eric Nichols), and seeks out plastic surgery, Colt ventures out on his own to try his hand at dating. But it doesn’t always go too well, judging by the trailers and clips that have been released so far.

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Colt moves on from Larissa in one trailer for ‘Happily Ever After’

Colt seems ready to move on from his ex-wife in the trailerfor 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. The 35-year-old software engineerfrom Las Vegas, Nevada, explains, “After Larissa was arrested for the thirdtime, I filed for divorce.”

And Mother Debbie has no love lost for her formerdaughter-in-law, saying with a smile: “I’m glad she’s gone.”

Larissa’s ex says he’s ready to try his hand at dating again. “After the divorce, it was hard for me to move on,” he admits. “But I’m ready for Colt 2.0…I actually started dating again.”

One clip shows Colt hugging a redheaded woman at a bar onwhat looks to be a first date. But Colt doesn’t pull any punches and cuts rightto the chase about what he wants from her. “Would you come back to my hotelroom so we can probably have sex?” he asks.

Looking turned off and confused, his date repeats incredulously, “…Sex?”

He also battles his ex-girlfriend

And when Colt does get a girlfriend—now his ex, Jess Caroline—the relationship looks just as conflict-filled as Colt’s marriage to Larissa.

In the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After trailer,Colt enters his hotel room to find Jess enraged and throwing things at him. “Whoa!What the f***?” he exclaims about her outburst.

Jess accuses her boyfriend of being dishonest with her aboutother women—which she seems to indicate is a pattern of Colt’s. “You lied!Again!” she screams at him.

Showing him his phone, Jess accuses Colt of still talking toa former fling. “Vanessa, talk. You’re still friends. You talk every day!” sheyells in a rage.

“I can’t read it,” Colt responds unconvincingly.

But Jess says the proof is in the pudding. “Look at it! Lies!”she yells before storming out.

“Wait! Jess!” Colt cries out, following after her as she hightails it out of the hotel room.

Some ’90 Day Fiancé’ fans thought Colt was being creepy

90 Day Fiancé fans chimed in immediately with their thoughtsabout Colt’s behavior—especially his rather straightforward question about sexon what seemed to be a first, or early, date with a stranger.

“Did he really just askher that question??” one Instagram user wrote. “Talk about being straightforward.”

Another 90 Day Fiancé fan agreed, adding that Colt didn’t seem tocommunicate well about his intentions. “That’s not how it works, you need tomake your intentions clear before dating someone,” they argued. “I’m sure anyclassy woman would be turned off by Colty’s statement, especially if it’s thefirst date. If you want to avoid wasting time just ask her if she’s into youbefore taking her out.”

Another critic wrotesimply, “He has no tact.”

Meanwhile, clips from the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After show Larissa fighting with Eric (with whom she broke up and recently got back together), taking pole-dancing classes to get the “body of a stripper,” and talking with her lawyer about the aftermath of her third arrest.

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Kylie Jenner slammed for ‘obscene wealth’ after flaunting $60,000 outfit during quarantine – The Sun

KYLIE Jenner has been slammed by fans for flaunting her “obscene wealth” after she posted a quarantine picture in an outfit that costs upwards of $60,000.

The 22-year-old beauty billionaire stunned in the sexy shot that showed off her cleavage and toned stomach – but it’s the price tags of her ensemble that have people outraged.

The KUWTK star posted the skin-baring Instagram on Monday, but she began to receive backlash after a fan account broke down the costly clothing.

Kylie’s jeans alone are reportedly worth $15,000 alone however, the Chrome Hearts cross patch orange denim pair is not currently available for purchase.

The pricey pants are up for resale on various websites that asked more than $8,600 for the bottoms.

She traded a shirt for a black buckled bikini set from designer 1017 ALYX 9SM that originally cost $430.

However, the most expensive item she wore were the 18 karat white gold Harry Kotlar earrings that retail for $50,570.

Kylie – who took the thirst trap while on lockdown in her LA mansion due to the pandemic – was dragged for the luxury goods.

One follower fired off: “Spending $15,000 on a pair of jeans does not make anyone smarter, beautiful or generous – donate the money to charity – it is more important to give & help others!”

“Have you seen the mess on the streets of LA and San Fransisco? 50,000 dollar stud earrings and 15,000 dollar jeans and a 250 dollar bra top? Your wealth is obscene,” another Instagram user wrote.

One critic said: “There is not a single pair of pants worth $15,000… if you paid this much you have more money than sense.”

“Her earrings are worth a mortgage on a house and her pants are worth someone’s entire live savings oof,” a fan pointed out.

The Kylie Cosmetics mogul is no stranger to dropping big dollars after she splashed out $15 million on a vacant lot earlier this month.

She purchased the land from an unknown woman, who in 2018 purchased it from Miley Cyrus.

According to Variety, property records show it was described as a “spectacular five-acre lot” and is “one of the largest in all of Hidden Hills.”

The sale of the land also included permitted plans for an "18,000 sq. ft. monster mansion with a 12-car garage, guesthouse, barn, guard shack for full-time security detail, sports court and a pool.”

Just days before, the youngest Jenner sister dropped $36.5 on a stunning Holmby Hills mansion.

Kylie is also the owner of a $13.5 million Beverly Hills mansion and a second vacant piece of land in the Palm Desert resort community of La Quinta.

She spends most of her time, however, at her a $12 million mansion in Hidden Hills, which she purchased in 2016 and which was recently featured in Architectural Digest.

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