1 Specific Part of Blake Shelton's Proposal 'Meant So Much' to Gwen Stefani

There are plenty of celebrity couples who have kept fans waiting for a proposal for years. Of course, some celebrities simply refuse to get married, and fans can build up anticipation around an event that’s likely never coming. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been a couple in the spotlight for these marriage-hungry fans, and things were starting to look dire.

In fact, there were even rumors swirling that the pressures of quarantine had been too much for the relationship and that the pair might be splitting. Luckily, nothing came of that gossip, and recently, the pair delighted fans by announcing that not only were things still going well, but they would finally be tying the knot! 

As details of the proposal come out, there are some adorable moments, but there’s one specific thing that Stefani has said “meant so much” to her. 

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani bonded over heartbreak 

When Shelton and Stefani first became a couple, many fans were shocked because the pair didn’t seem to have much in common. Sure, they were both musicians. In fact, it was on the set of The Voice where they were both serving as judges that they first met.

Stefani, however, had a reputation as a bad girl from the rock scene and Shelton was firmly situated as a mega star from country music. The two genres are often seen as opposites in the pop culture world, and it was puzzling for fans looking in from afar to see the two worlds collide. 

What actually brought them together though wasn’t their careers — it was their love lives. Stefani and Shelton were both in high-profile marriages to other musicians.

Stefani had been married to fellow rocker Gavin Rossdale for more than a decade. Meanwhile, Shelton had been married to fellow country music star Miranda Lambert, and their public split was making waves across the country music world.

The pair might not have shared much in their respective musical genres, but it turns out they were going through very similar struggles.

“Gwen saved my life. Who else on earth could understand going through a high-profile divorce from another musician? You can’t even imagine the similarities in our divorce,” Shelton explained.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani fans have been waiting for wedding bells

Shelton and Stefani had been quarantining together at Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch, and fans were hopeful that all that family togetherness might spark the next step in their relationship.

A source close to the family explained that “They have lived like a married couple for so long that those closest to them already saw them as ‘married’ but now they are finally making it official and their family is excited by the announcement.”

Rumor has it that Stefani, who is much more traditional than her bad girl image might suggest, had been waiting for a “proper” proposal from Shelton. 

Gwen Stefani found one moment of the proposal especially important

Details of the engagement are pouring out, and it looks like that sparkly ring that Stefani showed off in her Instagram post while kissing Shelton cost a whopping $500,000.

Sources close to the couple say that having been married in the past, both Stefani and Shelton are determined to do things on their own timeline and won’t be pressured to rush into anything. That meant that Shelton had time to make the proposal just the way he wanted it to be. 

While, of course, that impressive ring and the romantic setting of the chapel on his ranch added to the ambiance and excitement, the one thing that really impressed Stefani was how traditional Shelton was about it. According to Us Weekly, Shelton asked his future bride’s dad for permission before popping the question, and the gesture “meant so much” to Stefani.

Still, the event was no surprise, and the couple has been in prenup talks for a while, according to ET. It seems like they have really taken the time to think this through and make sure that they both end up with their happily ever after! 

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